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Oct 17, 2007 08:12 PM

27 Avenue Bistro Gulfport

I will be on the MS Gulf Coast for the weekend and wondered if this is a fine dining establishment. If so, does anyone have any comments or reviews?

When I was in Biloxi in June we ate in the Beau Rivage but this time I was hoping to find upscale dining places outside the hotel (other than Emeril's or Mary Mahoney's)

Any suggestions would be welcome

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  1. I dont live on the Coast anymore, but I did prior to Katrina. 27th ave Bistro is a solid choice. I worked at Vrazel's, next to the Island View, and I would recomend it.

    But my knowledge is pretty limited since I dont live there anymore.

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    1. re: birminghamvisitor

      I would second Vrazel's- when they are "on", I would put them up against anybody. Another place worth checking out is Trapani's in Bay St Louis- I don't think that they are back in their old location yet but from what I understand, they are still pretty good....

      Oh, thanks for visiting the Coast!

      Trapani's Eatery
      833 Highway 90 Ste 3, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520

      Vrazel's Fine Food Restaurant
      3206 W Beach Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39501

      1. re: Clarkafella

        Thanks! Does anyone know anything about Confusion? Also, I need a good place in the area for omelets for breakfast. Is the Bayview House in OS any good?

        1. re: breakaway

          Jazzeppi's in Biloxi is another fine choice as well.

          Never eaten at BayView or Confusion, but I was very excited about the opening of Confuison, but then Katrina and I moved away.

        2. re: Clarkafella

          I went to Trapani's when I was on the Coast three months ago and had a great meal. They were not back in their old location then, but it was a fun crowd, anyway.

      2. 27th Ave. Bistro would not be my first choice. I love both Confusion, and Vrazels! The BayView House in Ocean Springs is great as well. Also if you are interested in Ocean Springs - there are several great restaurants in OS - Phonecia, Manhatten Grill, Chef Scotts Sushi, and Fantz. McElroys in Ocean Springs is good for breakfast.