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Weiner Factory Closing

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Saw it on the news tonight. Weiner Factory on Ventura is going to be torn down and replaced by a Pinkberry. No details about when they're closing, but unless it's already done, you'd better get by there soon if you want a polish or a turkey dog.

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  1. to tear down the wiener factory to put up a pinkberry is disgusting. I'm crushing your pinkberry, I'm crushing your pinkberry.

    1. Noooooooooooo!
      Not the Weiner Factoy!!!
      I love this place and I have no desire to go to pb...p-tewy!

      1. I saw that also. Either way, I will never step foot in a Pinkberry!

        1. Is it a for sure thing? There was an article in the Daily News that suggested there was going to be a "study" or something (of traffic, yeah--like it's not bad enough around that area), then a final decision.

          That would be such a shame for another Valley institution to go by the wayside to make way for the latest food trend/fad that will eventually die by the wayside someday. Hot dogs are forever! Especially WF - it's the only place I know of that serves turkey dogs (and fantastic ones at that).

          My guess is that the property owner gets a % of sales as rent, so Stinkberry's anticipated sales must have him/her seeing $$$ (but, isn't Valley Liquor is on the same property, and I would think their sales are pretty good??).

          Sigh. I'm holding out hope this doesn't happen!

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          1. re: GK in SO

            Went to Weiner Factory this afternoon and never seen them busier--line inside and line outside. News like that is better than any advertising. Kevin's wife said they aren't sure when they have to vacate, but they are looking for another location in the valley.

            They aren't on the same property as Valley Liquor. Valley Liquor isn't fond of Weiner Factory customer's parking in their lot. When I got there I saw a tow truck hooked up a Weiner Factory customer's SUV within 30 seconds and the customer begged and pleaded for her car not to be towed away.

            Had my usual....spicy Polish dog with sauerkraut.

          2. I remember discussing a while back that Pinkberry might go into that block and I guessed it would take over Weiner Factory. What a shame. The other depressing thing is that a Pinkberry will probably kill Limelight across the street. I love Limelight's froyo, as well as its bigger selection of toppings.

            The biggest issue there is parking. Weiner Factor currently only has about 5-6 parking places (if even that many), street parking is limited, and many of the side streets are permit only.

            1. I went to Weiner Factory back in my college days for great Spicy Polish Dogs washed down with Draft Loenbrau (sp?) served in a plastic cup - a heavenly student's lunch, especially befor the organic chem class from hell! I recently went again (no more draft in a plastic cup) with GF and wondered why I had ignored it for so long! Grrr!!!

              1. Why can't the weiner factory and the pinkberry get along, and live together in peace and harmony. I'm not a fan of PB, but I'm willing to watch people stand in a long line while I scoot in and grab a dog. I know parking would be bad, but parking is bad everywhere.

                There aren't many mom and pop shops, let alone good hot dog stands around. This is a loss.

                1. is this serious? or just one of the weiner factory's much lauded april fool's jokes?

                  i was just in the area the other day, was pretty busy, but would' ve dropped by if i had known.

                  anyone know what's the date of closure?

                  first, they close Rubin's Red Hots now this? now the valley-ites are really srewed.

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                  1. re: kevin

                    It has been said that WF may still open elsewhere-like the West
                    Valley. . They are not about to close a good thing. The owners do not want to quit the business.

                    1. re: SIMIHOUND

                      Isn't the West Valley (Woodland Hills, to be exact) the home of "The Weinery"? Is that place still there?

                      The owners of TW and WF used to be in business together, I believe, then split acrimoniously. Having been to both, WF blows TW out of the water.

                      Anyone else know about this?

                      1. re: GK in SO

                        The Weinery closed down a year or so ago.

                  2. Adding location link. (Btw, isn't it "Wiener Factory"?)

                    Wiener Factory - duplicate
                    14917 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA

                    1. About a year ago I had a conversation with Kevin the owner and he was surprised the owner of the property hadn't decided to improve the property after so many years. So it wasn't a total surprise- he figured it was just a matter of time.
                      He said the Wiener Factory was started by his parents some 30+ years ago and the original location was in Burbank.

                      It is too bad they're closing because they serve the best Polish dogs (spicy or mild) anywhere. He really cares about the customers what he serves.

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                      1. re: monku

                        Love the Weiner Factory, hope they open somewhere else. Kevin knew this was possible a long time ago, he mentioned it. Owners of the property are the same as Valley beverage.

                        1. re: jaket

                          And the owner of Valley Beverage bought the property and liquor store last year, and thus is trying to maximize the income for the high price he paid, and thus Pinkberry will pay way more rent than Kevin can afford.
                          Kevin can be relocated, maybe even to the former Rubin Red Hot facility on Ventura across from the Galleria.

                          1. re: carter

                            Carter, you're spot on as usual. However, what about your statement about the Rubin's facility? Any truth to it, or wishful thinking?

                            Being a Sherman Oaks resident, that would be fabulously convenient. But, I thought that facility was being torn down (even though it still appears to be there, the last time I drove by)?

                            1. re: GK in SO

                              There is a for lease sign in the window, so it might not be torn down, yet obviously parking is a REAL issue there, yet with so many people within walking distance, it might be an improvement in total business dollars, just from different customers.

                              1. re: carter

                                But dont you think the Rubens location is bad? I have always felt that way. It's loud and noisy to begin with and where exactly is (was) the parking for it?

                                1. re: SIMIHOUND

                                  Who needs parking when you have 5 high-rise buildings providing more employees to you for lunch than you would ever have gotten in your existing location - they are already parked for work - it is either there or pf chang, cheesycakes factory, ruddfuckers, or that awful sisley.
                                  kevin - ready to move?

                                  1. re: carter

                                    Carter, dah-ling...."who needs parking"?
                                    I don't "need" parking. I WANT parking.
                                    I don't WORK in that area. I go to eat doggie-dogs in that area.
                                    After a day of working my ass off, jiggling other people's thighs, I wanna roll up to a spot that has some yummy dogs and relax...without a hike or having to pay some random dude to park my car.
                                    We're hitting WF before some parties tomorrow night...mmm, can't wait.
                                    I always wanted to try Reubens but was never on the right side of the street when the urge hit me while driving by..oh well.

                                    1. re: carter

                                      Plus Ruben's had the drive-thru, so if they kept that you can just pull over on some side street and chow down.

                                      1. re: carter

                                        Or Simon's Place, Cucine Bene, the new indian place (anyone been) and Fukyo (sp?) or the Whole Foods Deli, all right up Sepulveda.

                                        1. re: Diana

                                          yeah, does anyone really knowing what's going on with Rubin's Red hots also, is there any chance that Max will resurface somewhere again, the sign hanging on the fence states RUBIN'S RED HOT ENTERPRISES and right above it is the PIKEN for lease shingle. like to have it back and some of those wings and spicey chicago dogs.

                          2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Curse you Pinkberry and your faddish following. Life's just no fair.

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                            1. re: Steve2 in LA

                              I just called WF. They will close Dec 31st for sure and no talk yet about a move to a new location. I am sure Kevin is looking if he wants to reopen elsewhere.

                              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                                yeah, they said they would be closing by the end of the year. i think they have an address/contact sheet for you to fill out in case they resurface somewhere.

                            2. I just tried WF because of this post. Had a regular dog with cheese and cole slaw. I know that sounds disgusting, but it sounded good to me at the time. Was delicious. The cheese reminded me of Skyline Chili orange cheese. And had the hot potato salad. YUM. I'll have to try this place again before it closes or moves!

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                              1. re: krez

                                I've been hitting it up byweekly for the past few weeks. and the cheddar cheese and spicey mustard goes great on the turkey dog (which is in between a sausage and a hot dog). really good stuff.

                                sign the list so you'll know if they're resurface somewhere, interestly they don't want emails though.

                              2. Looks like something is happening at the old Orange Julius spot on Ventura/Woodman.

                                My hopes are up again that it's the WF.

                                Passing the boarded up building twice a day is depressing.

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                                1. re: mar52

                                  You meant Orange Deelite, right? I doubt WF is moving there. The lease on that space is also beyond egregious. 6K if not more for that Lilliputian space with a couple token parking spaces shared with the dry cleaners in the back.

                                  Orange Deelite did make some pretty good falafel sandwiches w/ avocado, the avocado sealed the deal.

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    Didn't Orange Deelite move into a storefront a half-block to the east on Ventura Blvd.? I've seen a sign for "Orange Deelite Cafe" or something like that.

                                    1. re: Jwsel

                                      They took over the Fish Grill space.

                                      I too had been hoping Weiner Factory would move into Orange Deelite.

                                      And I wouldn't mind an Orange Julius either!

                                      1. re: lad1818

                                        We'd never been to the Orange Delite at the old location but we went this past Sunday to the new location. Food was very good and we'll definitely be returning. Wide menu but kosher (meat, no dairy).

                                        Agree with mar52 that it's highly depressing to see the Weiner Factory still boarded up after all these months. When we drove by the other day I was really craving one of their hot dogs. What's the point of having them close in December and here it is June and no change?

                                  2. re: mar52

                                    Well, mar52, you are observant, in that something is indeed happening at the former Orange Delight, but it will be a pizza, maybe pasta included, place, as opposed to anything you might be hoping for.
                                    As to weinie factory, it takes a long time to get the remodeling permits for a stinkberry or any other use.
                                    Besides, who cares, QTs hot dogs on Woodman at the Short Stop market puts out a very good dog and is open for your business.

                                    1. re: carter

                                      I get my craving filled at QT's now, but it isn't the same.

                                      I'm used to ordering and getting....
                                      not ordering and waiting.

                                      I realize that it assures my hotdog being fresh (?) but I have a limited amount of time for lunch. Then there's the fact that it's not the same.

                                      I won't even consider The Infield. Yuck