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Newport Rhode Island

jaime Cohen Oct 17, 2007 07:24 PM

My husband and I are going to be in Newport this weekend to celebrate my birthday. I was hoping to get some recommendations for casual brunch/lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Also looking for a casual dinner one night and a a little nicer for the other (b-day nite).
Thanks in advance.

  1. d
    doglady Oct 20, 2007 03:55 AM

    Winochick and Frobisher know what they are talking about- I would go with some of their suggestions. There really isn't much excellent food in Newport and isn't extremely overpriced (Spiced Pear) I can't understand the appeal of Brick Alley either - very standard food and loud. I hate to give out this secret but if you MUST eat in Newport -Mama Luisa's way down on Thames is excellent - and I love Salas for lunch - very casual though. BTW Cold Fusion gelato is excellent also - very authentic.

    1. g
      gwynster Oct 19, 2007 05:40 AM

      All those recs are good. Brick Alley is great for kids - loud and friendly. But what about The Black Pearl???? It's quintessential Newport - right in Bannister's Warf. Outside eating if it's warm - inside is old world - gorgeous. Great food. A little pricey so go for lunch and you can dress casually.....

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      1. re: gwynster
        JaneRI Oct 19, 2007 06:23 AM

        Have you been to the Black Pearl recently? I would describe it as rundown & shabby, not old world gorgeous. I think that would come closer to describing Clarke Cooke House, but that food is merely ok.

        1. re: JaneRI
          sk3 Oct 20, 2007 09:52 PM

          black pearl aint the top of my either but it's got a unique vibe that you won't find elsehwere on the coast. too bad for all the folks packin both the pearl and the cooke house today - they all looked to be having a great time, enjoying food & drink near on the water without realizing it was just ok.

      2. w
        winochick Oct 18, 2007 05:11 PM

        I would look at 22 Bowens. The Mooring,...and Castle Hill are good choices too. I used to love the Cheeky Monkey, but sadly, Christies is there now. I agree with the earlier post about Brick Alley... Brick Alley Pub is casual, food is pub food, nothing great about it. And loud...lots of families end up there. . -- if you want pub food, the Rhino Bar has a decent menu.

        1. e
          Emilyc Oct 18, 2007 08:40 AM

          For a celebration dinner, you can take a look at Castle Hill Inn (great food, views and service) or 22 Bowen(if you are in the mood for steaks) or The Moorings ( excellent veal chop here!). All of these require a reservation.
          Like fresh fish - Scales and Shells (cash only, casual, no reservations)...try any of the items that are mesquite grilled.
          For lunch - hit up Panera Bread on Thames and get your lunch to go. Enjoy while sitting along Ocean Drive or at Fort Adams...

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          1. re: Emilyc
            Frobisher Oct 18, 2007 11:10 AM

            I second all the above, especially Scales and Shells, with exception of Panera.

            If you want to get some food "to go" for a lunch on the drive or at Ford Adams try: Sigs on Thames St. in the Fifth Ward for great deli sandwiches, Fire House Pizza at the corner of Thames and Wellington for grinders or Flos for clam shack fare.

            Flos can be hit or miss, but since the closing of Dry Dock there aren't a lot of other options in that genre.

            For a casual sit down, Yesterdays and Mudville are both fine choices, as is Buskers.

            1. re: Emilyc
              sallyct Oct 19, 2007 04:43 PM

              I had lunch at The Moorings today. It was pretty bad. There were three of us. Two chowders (which were ok), one calimari (I can still taste it in my mouth), two lobster rolls (I get better at the Hazard Grill in Enfield) and one turkey sandwich (served with a fried egg). Almost a hundred dollars and it was mediocre at best. I would never go back. HOWEVER, it was easy to drive my company to the entrance and to park and that was very important.

            2. j
              JaneRI Oct 18, 2007 06:33 AM

              Something a little nicer - The Mooring. Or Cafe Zelda (sort of a French bistro feel, excellent french fries & homemade mac & cheese, as well as more upscale dishes).

              Many people like Brick Alley but I don't understand its appeal....the food is fine, but it's just burgers, wings, etc, in a nothing special atmosphere. I'm willing to concede it might be just me, as it seems to get mentioned here time and time again.

              1. k
                klabbe Oct 18, 2007 06:04 AM

                Brick Alley Pub on Thames Street is very nice and good food.

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