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Oct 17, 2007 07:11 PM

Abraco - Coffee Heaven Lands on 7th St.

Folks, I will not hide the fact that I've been a fan of San Francisco's Blue Bottle Coffee for several years. So when I moved to NYC in 2005, I was convinced that in the ways of coffee, my new home town could never fully meet my needs. Sure 9 St. Espresso did much to fill the void, but I was always left with a small pang in my heart for the good old days of Blue Bottle Coffee, with it's line-up of uber-baristas.

Today however is a different day. It is my pleasure to inform my fellow NYC coffee hounds that our coffee landscape has changed seismically. Jamie McCormick, the massively talented and gregarious barista from the Blue Bottle team in San Francisco, has just opened his own coffee shop, called Abraco, at 86 East 7th St. The individually prepared drip coffees and espresso drinks are simply outrageous. Jamie is truly a master of the craft.

It should be noted that Jamie is supported by an all-star cast of food aficionados. With coffee this amazing and small food plates, both savory and sweet, in support, I’d recommend getting there soon…time will surely lead to long lines!

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  1.'s finally open? Every time I pass by and peek through the windows, it looks pretty disorganized inside, but I haven't been past in a few days.

    Any ideas on hours and what they're serving?

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      Yes they are definitely open. By ~8am the doors are open and they close around least this is from my personal experience.

      From what I understand, Abraco had trouble with some suppliers but most of this has been solved. There are still some finishing touches in the works, but the coffee and food is in full swing.

      Food is prepared daily and varies. Frittatas are so amazingly decadent and satisfying, and if you can score one on a sandwich with house-made! Other items on the savory side that i've seen: fried potatos with brava sauce, fresh radishes and butter, cauliflower soup, etc. Every day it changes slightly, so I'm pretty sure it's all made from scratch each morning.

      Pastries make up the second half of the menu. Nothing seems too sweet, again their goal seems to be a balance of sweet and savory. Olive short bread sticks, olive oil cake, lemon thyme cake (was amazing), zeppole freshly fried, etc.

      Abraco is a true East Village gem...they have changed the direction in which I walk to work, I kid you not.

      1. re: emarkman

        Stopped by and tried the cured olive cookie today: sweet, salty, buttery, crumbly, and delicious! Polished off the whole thing on my way home. Will definitely be back.

        His baking partner was also whipping something up in back with grapes that smelled amazing.

    2. I am resurrecting this thread. I love Abraco, and it is the best coffee in NYC and possibly all the Burroughs. As a former and going to be yet again SF'er, Blue Bottle was the only coffee I could drink (ok and Philz) and I was all out of sorts when moving to NY. The cortado is simply heaven and helps me survive my 12 hour shifts in the kitchen. The sweetened iced coffee is a perfect treat on a hot day. Also the pain au perdu, olive oil cake, rose/lime cake, and olive oil cookies can't be missed. I have also noticed the prix-fix menu they have from 12-4 for $15. There might be little standing/sitting room but Abraco has a big place in my heart.

      1. This place is a lovely addition to the neighborhood. Not only is the coffee great, they put the right amount of milk in a macchiato (so it's not a mini latte) and the price is right. The nice weather makes up for the lack of indoor seating, and you even get a real ceramic cup (instead of a lousy little specimen cup). Nice people too. Now if they were only open after 6PM...