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Oct 17, 2007 07:02 PM

Great Gizzards!

I saw that a couple of folks mentioned gizzards in the Austin Weird Food post. But don't you think that they deserve a post all of thier own!!

My gizzard eating guy is always on the look out for "the best" in Central Texas and has been known to drive all the way to a gas station in Bastrop to get them. We recently hit Bush's Chicken on the way home from Dallas. These little babies were pretty dang good. It seems they are becoming more popular.

Oh please fellow chowgizzites, those who are not afraid to admit the love, do share with me your secret gizzardy spots in Austin so I can pass it on!

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  1. I personally am not a fan...but I did work with a group of people who LOVE gizzards and would go every Friday to a little place on 183 (south of 290)..I believe they said it was in a gas station. I will see if I can get ahold of one of them and get the address or at least the name of this place for you.

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    1. I am so glad that you posted this. I am a gizzard and chicken liver fan and I have not found any good ones since moving to this area. I had a combo plate at Charlie's Steakhouse in Pflugerville and was not impressed. The livers were ok, but the gizzards were so tough we could not chew them. My Mom always parboiled them before she fried them. Uhm, makes me miss home! So, until we find a place locally I'll place my orders to my Mom.

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        Unsure about gizzards, but Threadgill's makes very good fried chicken livers.

      2. Reggie's at 12th & Chicon have fried gizzards. Consult the search.

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          Unfortunately, Reggies is not always there. Thanks anyway. Was looking for something more reliable.

          1. re: scoutaustin

            Well, he's there today, if that helps....

            1. re: Bat Guano

              Good lord, did that ever help! Thanks for the heads-up, Bat Guano. I was really craving Reggie's insanely delicious fried catfish.

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                MPH, your words "insanely delicious fried catfish" gave me goose bumps. If I still lived in Austin I'd just go see for myself, but I don't. Could I impose on you to describe this ambrosia? Many thanks.


                1. re: Jim Washburn

                  I think Reggie's would be right up your alley, Jim. There's nothing like fried food served out of a cheerful food trailer. I've linked to an older description of scrumptiouschef's, which is followed by reviews by me and Nab, as well as my later discussion of Reggie's catfish versus other good ones in town (like Nubian Queen Lola's).



                  Next time you're in town, you'll have to check out Reggie's work! I really think you'd appreciate El Rico, too, which is a fairly new taco trailer near the Vargas Food Store.


        2. Does any place actually pre-cook their gizzards before frying? I've only had them twice and these were apparently raw before being battered and fried for a just few minutes.

          That doesn't make for very good eating, IMO.

          HEB at Pleasant Valley/7th and Golden Chick at 1st and Stassney serve them, but I can't recommend them due to the above. People are buying them, though [shuddder]

          1. The original comment has been removed