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Pink food [Moved from Midwest board]

Not sure if this is the right place to ask...I'm trying to gather some ideas for finger foods, that can be kept at room temp. for a reasonable amount of time. The catch is I need them to pink and I need them to not be cookies or cupcakes. Any ideas?

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  1. You should probably ask this in general chowhounding topics but I'm sure the moderators will move it soon eventually.

    To answer your question, what about a pink-tinted cheese, like port wine cheese? Prosciutto wrapped anything would also be pink - shrimp, water chestnuts.

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      Prosciutto and figs = yum! Also, watermelon, salmon, ham and rare roast beef are kind of pink...

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        I'd agree with prosciutto wrapped stuff (or a good ham). Port wine cheese can be a pink color--does the whole thing have to be pink, or could you put pink cheese on a normal cracker?

      2. maybe some liquor-infused grapefruit wedges that have been peeled? i can picture it, but have never done it myself.

        1. smoked salmon canapes
          tomato bruschetta -- if you find the right variety of tomato

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            Also smoked salmon mousse. Rose milk panne cotte also comes out pink.

          2. mini salmon fishcakes, smoked salmon pinwheels, fresh salmon skewers with a dipping sauce (taint it pink with some beet juice). Radishes.

            1. Strawberry milkshakes

              Pink lemonade

              a tomato cream sauce (over some sort of pasta - maybe you could buy fresh pasta made with beets to make them pink as well?)

              Raspberry cheesecake

              Shrimp cocktail

              Medium-rare sliced roast beef

              1. I make this cheese dip that is to die for...
                You have to find (usually near the eggs) the package of shrimp cocktail that comes in the 3 small glasses. If you can't find that you will have to use canned shrimp (UGH I know but delicious here with your favorite cocktail sauce)
                In a mixing bowl and at room temperature put an 8 oz block of cream cheese. Add the shrimp coctail (all 3 glasses or the one can and about 1/2 - 3/4 of the sauce if can't find the premade stuff)
                Mix using a hand mixer mix until blended- this allows the shrimps to get broken up some (you need the tiny tine shrimps to make this really great) Sometimes you can't get the cheese to completely get smooth it may have small lumps which is fine.
                Serve in fancy bowl with crackers or baked pita chips.

                1. Cotton Candy


                  Pink Grapefruit Jelly Bellies

                  1. If you can have something that is not exclusively eaten out of hand, try a composed salad made with beets in a sour cream-based dressing. Latvian/Lithuanian in origin - perhaps you can find recipes avaiable online with a search (try "rosolos" or rossolye"). Normally involves potatoes and other chopped veggies, dill, sometimes cold cooked beef, herring, etc. Very easy to tweak acording to tastes. And, it's a lovely pink.

                      1. borscht shooters with a dallop of sour cream

                        1. Taramasalata or tyrokefteri/kopanitsi with crudites or pita wedges.

                          Har gow.