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Oct 17, 2007 07:01 PM

Pink food [Moved from Midwest board]

Not sure if this is the right place to ask...I'm trying to gather some ideas for finger foods, that can be kept at room temp. for a reasonable amount of time. The catch is I need them to pink and I need them to not be cookies or cupcakes. Any ideas?

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  1. You should probably ask this in general chowhounding topics but I'm sure the moderators will move it soon eventually.

    To answer your question, what about a pink-tinted cheese, like port wine cheese? Prosciutto wrapped anything would also be pink - shrimp, water chestnuts.

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    1. re: rockandroller1

      Prosciutto and figs = yum! Also, watermelon, salmon, ham and rare roast beef are kind of pink...

      1. re: rockandroller1

        I'd agree with prosciutto wrapped stuff (or a good ham). Port wine cheese can be a pink color--does the whole thing have to be pink, or could you put pink cheese on a normal cracker?

      2. maybe some liquor-infused grapefruit wedges that have been peeled? i can picture it, but have never done it myself.

        1. smoked salmon canapes
          tomato bruschetta -- if you find the right variety of tomato

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          1. re: bobzemuda

            Also smoked salmon mousse. Rose milk panne cotte also comes out pink.

          2. mini salmon fishcakes, smoked salmon pinwheels, fresh salmon skewers with a dipping sauce (taint it pink with some beet juice). Radishes.

            1. Strawberry milkshakes

              Pink lemonade

              a tomato cream sauce (over some sort of pasta - maybe you could buy fresh pasta made with beets to make them pink as well?)

              Raspberry cheesecake

              Shrimp cocktail

              Medium-rare sliced roast beef