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ISO Pumpkin Pancakes

I am having a mega craving for pumpkin pancakes. I am from the east coast and IHOP out there would have them but I can't find them ANYWHERE in LA. Is there anywhere on the east side or the valley (I love the Griddle but hate the wait) that I could satisfy my craving??


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  1. Hugo's on Riverside Drive just east of Coldwater Canyon in Valley Village/Sherman Oaks area used to have them on the menu - have not been in a long time, but if still there, they were wonderful.

    1. Follow Your Heart ( in Canoga Park ) has them now. They're great.

      1. I have also had them at Jinky's in Sherman Oaks, although not recently. I enjoyed them quite a lot, which is more than I can say about most pancakes I've eaten in the last decade.

        1. in the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax,
          Kokomo has them-
          \you can even order just one to go with your breakfast- DELISH

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            And they come with that spiced butter...so good.

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              Was there this morning... they were perfect.

              1. John O' Groats. Hands down.

                Also, ask them if they'll give you a little of the caramel sauce to pour on top. Try on pancake with the sauce and one without.

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                  Yes, John O' Groats has them. They are delish!

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                    Third! Not on the east side or valley. But definitely worth the drive. The service is great too. Oh and they have Lemon pancakes that I love also.

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                      My fam always gets a stack of 'em to share.

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                        John O'Groats
                        10516 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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                          We had them this weekend, and while good, they were very heavy, more 'muffiny' than like a pancake. Any suggestions for a moister batter? Dare I say it, but I've heard IHOP has a good seasonal PP.

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                            Not Kokomo, I'm afraid. Though suggested above, I tried them the other day and also found them rather dry and cakey.

                2. I popped in to a Mimi's Cafe and noticed them on the specials board. Didn't try them, so can't say if they're any good or not. Can anyone vouch for these corporate punkin' pancakes?

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                    I did have them at Mimi's. Batter was delicious - a little thicker than I like my pancakes, I prefer them on the thinner side. But they were tasty, right amount of spice in the mix.

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                      Pumpkin, schmumpkin, one of the breakfast dishes that Mimi's does well is their blueberry pancakes, with a side of their nice, fat, breakfast sausages.

                  2. Just had fantastic pumpkin pancakes at Gaffey Street Diner in San Pedro. They were huge, delicious, with good pumpkin flavor and about $5. Also the Portuguese sausage + egg special was great as well

                    Gaffey Street Diner
                    247 N Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731

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                      Gosd, I really want to go to that diner...

                    2. I'm surprised no one mentioned The Griddle's pumpkin pancakes!
                      THEY are the best in town... giant cakes... made with pumpkin & spices & then topped with giant dollops of pie filling and fluffy whipped cream!
                      They're in Weho on Sunset & Fairfax
                      Called "Tis the Season" on the menu,

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                        the OP mentioned it and hates the wait...

                      2. it's not la, but bake 'n' broil in long beach has killer pumpkin spice pancakes with a spiced butter.