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Oct 17, 2007 05:54 PM

LA Chow in SF -- Need Advice

I'm an LA chow that will be in San Francisco for a weekend in November (the 2nd - 4th).

I've got the following reservations (best I could do on short notice):

Canteen (Fri)
1550 Hyde (Fri)
A16 (Sat)
Foreign Cinema (Sat)

Which two should I keep? Anywhere else we should try for lunch or dinner that where I could actually get a reservation

Also would love recommendations for breakfast (highbrow and lowbrow are both fine) and or a good coffee/pastry/bakery place for croissants, pain au chocolate and lattes.

The only breakfast place I know of in the city is Dottie's True Blue Cafe

Thanks for your help. We're staying at the Westin St. Francis, but are willing to take the bus/BART around if need be.

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  1. I would keep Canteen and A16. Consider Bar Tartine and Pizzeria Delfina for lunch.

    Here's an extensive thread on croissants in SF that you may find helpful:

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    1. re: daveena

      I agree with daveena (surprise). Keep Canteen and A16. You could also do Canteen for breakfast or Ferry Building Saturday for breakfast (which would satisfy the pastry and search). I second the Bar Tartine consideration and upgrade it to highly recommend.

      1. re: daveena

        My sentiments exactly - Canteen and A16!

      2. I am from LA so I think what would be more SF experience for you.
        Since you have Canteen for Friday night keep that, I am not a huge Canteen for dinner fan, better for breakfast.
        A16 yes and you could do Foreign Cinema for Brunch, nothing like it in LA.

        1. Sounds like you guys think Canteen is more of a breakfast place -- anything you'd put in its place for Friday night?

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            Canteen for breakfast is very different from dinner. I'd keep the dinner. A couple of us have been known to go for dinner the night before and then brunch the next day. Really what you need is another day. I personally would go Bar Tartine over A16 but A16 is great if you're coming from LA. Try the pizza so you can compare to Pizzeria Mozza. The crust at A16 is softer and more traditional neopolitan than Mozza's ultra crispy crust.

          2. Canteen doesn't take reservations for brunch on the few days they serve it, and it's so small that you'll be waiting for a while. Keep your Fri nite res. for Canteen, try Foreign Cinema for brunch, and stick w/ A16 for Saturday.

            1. Another vote for Canteen and A16. I respectfully disagree that Canteen's brunch is better than dinner. I love Chef Leary's food -- his dishes always strike me as hearty, yet contain these lovely top notes which stop the food from seeming heavy.

              For breakfast, perhaps Pork Store on Haight (greasy spoon but above average fare -- try the hash browns). On the more upscale side, Foreign Cinema's brunch is wonderful too.

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              1. re: mrs bacon

                So what's with Canteen and breakfast (start of thread) or brunch (lower down on the thread)? I thought they didn't serve breakfast anymore since the hotel was sold or something. Have I been missing that they've been open all this time? Settling for lesser food on both sides of the Bay in my monthly Breakfast With Old Friend ritual?