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Dress code at Petit Louis

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Baltimore native for 8 years - finally going to Petit Loius on Thursday. What to wear? Black dress and boots or stylish jeans and a fancy top? It's a girl's night out...

PS - any food recommendations...

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  1. Go as casual or as cocktail as you'd like, and you'll probably see someone else wearing something comparable. For food, I've never gone wrong there with bistro standards -- steak frites, steak au poivre, seared scallops, roast chicken, duck confit ... things like that. I think the steak frites is my favorite with the duck confit a close second, but it's really hard to say. Everything's pretty darned good across the board. (Although, to be fair, last time I was there I had a rabbit special that I found kinda disappointing. It wasn't bad, just ... not as good as whatever else I would've ordered if I hadn't been tempted by the special.)

    1. Their brussels sprouts converted my boyfriend, who hated brussels sprouts as a kid. They're simmered in apple cider vinegar and finished off with a nice saute with I forget what kind of bacon. Fantastic.

      1. I order the mussels in white wine with onions, tomato and basil everytime I go... it never disappoints.... I agree with matt8313 - everyone there outfits in varied degree's of "dressiness". However, my opinion... I'd go with the Black dress and boots...