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Oct 17, 2007 04:29 PM

Zaytoons- new chef? bad night? for the fans only

I know Zaytons has it's share of both fans and those who don't like them.
Thisis for those who like them and consider their food top notch, like me.

My question: anyone notice a downhill?

EVERYTHING in my to go was odd, not the norm and almost well, bad including:

Appetizer platter - baba, tabouli, foul, cucumber yougurt, and stuffed grape leaves
Shawarma sandwich

everything was off....everything.

= (

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  1. was this the new one on vanderbuilt in prospect heights?

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      1. re: Larry Brooks

        maybe that's the problem. maybe they've sent all their good cooks to the one on vanderbilt because it's new.

        not a huge zaytoons fan, but since i live about two feet away from the one on smith i find it useful. would be sad if it went permanently downhill.

    1. I think you had an off night--we eat there all the time and it's usually very good. We've experienced some off nights in the past, too though. Bedouin Tent on Atlantic is delicious also.