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catering in Miami

Does anyone know a great innovative caterer in Miami for a party?

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  1. it is an outdoor beach party for 200 Needs to be as innovative as possible

    1. What do you mean by innovative? Food wise or are you looking to recreate Cirque du Soleil? Because there are a few caterers in Miami, and a few restaurants that do nice catering too. Can you be more specific?

      1. I hate to say it because I despise his restaurant so much (all flash, sub-par food), but Barton G probably fits the bill as far as the "innovative" part goes. I might actually find the food less disappointing in a catered environment rather than at a sit-down restaurant.

        Touch also does catering and might be what you're looking for.


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          I felt the exact same way you did Frod which is why I did not post...

        2. Honestly I am looking for someone to do a beach party catering that has a creative twist. Something non classical but delicious. Beautiful to look at but well executed.

          1. Guys thank you so much..
            What do you all think of Ola Douglas Rodriguez place they do catering as well?

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              I ate at OLA when it was in Merrick park and thought it was fairly good, although the menu descriptions were wonderful and then the actual plate was lackluster. I was a huge fan of Patina when I lived in New York, so I would think he would do a good job.

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                I like OLA though some dishes are definitely better than others. Yes, they do catering, and contact info is on website.


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                  thanks everyone contacted touch and ola any other recommendations are welcomed and appreciated..

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                    Should have also mentioned that Talula, which is one of my favorite South Beach restaurants, also does full-service catering.

                    Not sure if they have the same kind of event planning capabilities as someplace like Touch touts - though I'm not sure whether or not you need that.

                    Would love to hear what you end up doing. Sounds like fun.

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                      Since you asked for a beach party, why not try Nikki Beach? They're pretty hip-and I'm sure the food's as good or better than Barton G. In fact, I've eaten NB's food, and it wasn't bad. Has anyone actually eaten Barton G's food? How was the quality?

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                        Barton G the restaurant is ridiculously overpriced and mediocre quality. The food is completely secondary to the spectacle. We had some things that were outright inedible ("sashimi sno-cones" with mediocre fish served on shaved ice), some that were passable (roughly equivalent in quality to the traditional catered rubber chicken), a couple actually good (a "millionaire's baked potato" loaded with lobster and lots of other goodies).

                        It might be more appropriate for a catered event with pass-around type food, but I generally hated our dinner there.