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Oct 17, 2007 03:41 PM

Fresh and Easy Market?

Anyone heard about this new market coming to town? There is a location under construction near me at 124th and Shea so I checked out their website. As near as I can tell, they have no stores open yet, but plan to open more than 20 around the valley in the near future. Just wondering who is behind this venture because it seems like they have a big bankroll...

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  1. It's owned by Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK.

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      googling Tesco with "fresh and easy" turned up this CH thread (on the Chains board):

    2. Yes, they are opening one near me as well @ 12th and Northern; it looks like they have a lot of work still to complete. I haven't been able to find out too much about them, other than they will be offering easy to prepare meals.

      1. its what is taking over the corner where chez nous was, on 7th ave and indian school.

        but never fear - chez nous is moving to grand ave where fat cats was - about 8th ave and grand...

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          Do you know when Chez Nous will be reopening? I checked the website and it says "it is just weeks away".

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            word on grand avenue is hopefully in time for dec first fridays

        2. We're also getting one (or more) here in Las Vegas. I imagine it's sorta like Trader Joe's/Whole Foods/Sunflower Market.

          1. I've been waiting rather impatiently for them to announce their opening. I have two coming in near me in East Mesa (Recker/Brown and Main/Ellsworth). The signs are up and everything. I've heard they are supposed to have fresh produce and healthy options (kind of like a Trader Joe's?).

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              What I've heard is that they will devote relatively high proportion of shelf space to fresh prepared items (kinda sorta like TJ's) and relatively less to frozen items (kinda sorta not like TJ's). But by the time that got to me it was like 3rd- or 4th-hand information from friends in SoCal.

              The only local buzz I've heard was from (alleged) neighborhood activists (allegedly) worried about another off-premise alcohol outlet opening in the neighborhood. I'm skeptical because, I can't imagine that their alcohol sales will be anything compared to the combined sales at the nearby Safeway, Basha's, QT, and Circle Ks.

              1. re: hohokam

                hi hohokam,

                we got the same info. after doing some digging, we found out that there's some conroversy around the union staffing once the stores are complete. im inclined to think the alcohol buzz was misplaced politicking. but thats just me.

                1. re: hohokam

                  Yes, the "neighborhood activists" are in many cases actually representatives of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW).

                  1. re: silverbear

                    Ah. I wonder if it is like the "Basha's is maybe selling potentially spoiled baby food" phone campaign that the UFCW was conducting over the summer. At any rate, I smelled astroturf and not grassroots.