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Oct 17, 2007 03:35 PM

Table 45 in Cleveland

Has anyone been here yet? It is Zach Bruel's new place at the Cleveland Clinic. The menu looks great. I'm curious to hear any reports.

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  1. Try searching the cleveland food & wine forum, I'm pretty sure I've seen some posts there about it but I can't remember if they were good or bad.

    1. I just read in yesterday's PD that Table 45 was named one of the top 20 restaurants in the US; don't remember whose list though.

      Our visit just after it opened had a few issues, but I do want to go back and try it again now that they've had a chance to work out the kinks - the menu is awesome.

      The attached photo was a house made terrine that was supurb.

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        That'd be 20 best *new* restaurants in the US. From what I can tell, Esquire's list is entirely decided by John Mariani so whatever this honor means to you is obviously dependent on whether you respect his opinion. I added the restaurants from the list to my personal database but I'm not sure that I'd go to any of these restaurants solely on Mariani's recommendation. I know he's a towering figure in food criticism but I don't know very much about him.

        There's a Chowhound thread devoted to the list but it doesn't seem to be too active.

      2. Anyone know what the prices are like? They seemed to have left those out on their online menu.

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        1. re: jephro

          Leaving the prices off of online menus is an annoying trend. Why do restaurants feel the need to hide their prices?