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Oct 17, 2007 03:33 PM

Moving to Perth -- best inexpensive eats in the CBD and suburbs close-by

Suggestions, anyone? I found many places in Perth to be a bit dear for what you get, but then again, I live in Calgary and am spoiled for choice when it comes to decent cheap eats. (Many pubs do unreasonably good and cheap meals here hoping that you'll stick around for a feast of pints.)

Additionallty, I frequently travel to Vancouver, which is home to some of the finest cheap eats I have come across anywhere. Man, I live to dine out, so I need to start building me a list of cheap but good places to eat in the Perth CBD and environs.

On the other hand, I found many of the supermarkets that I checked out in Perth had some amazing stuff on offer. Dining at home looks like it could be a real treat!

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  1. I haven't been to Perth for a number of years but there are nice places to eat in places like Leederville, Subiaco & Freemantle. Please see the link attached below from the Perth Now online paper that is part of

    Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world but it offers a great lifestyle with fantastic beaches and wine areas close at hand.

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      Thank you for the link, Bondi2026!

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        I have visited Subi and Freo. I like both places, but for different reasons: Subi is extraordinarily convenient and Freo is very nice if a bit further out. I will check out Leederville the next time that I am in Perth.

      2. Not too many Perthites on the board, then? I guess that I'll have to dredge up a few places on my own. :-)

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          I lived in Perth for 3 months, and was away from England for 2 years, hands down one of the best meals i ate was in Perth at Eminem. it was in Leederville when I was there but have a feeling it has moved to Nedlands. Fantastic modern take on Lebanese food, I hope its as good as when I visited.

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            I remember reading that the owner of Eminem closed his much-loved restaurant for good and moved back to Turkey.