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Oct 17, 2007 03:03 PM

Free Spiny Lobster Dinner

For the month of October Gladstone's is evidently giving away spiny lobster dinners. The catch is YOU have to supply the spiny lobster, (they say you need to have "caught" it - but how they would know if you "bought" it instead I don't know)

Gladstone's is on the PCH at Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades/Malibu Lite. They say they will cook it for you, (included in the deal is a choice of two sides and a cup of New England style clam chowder).

If anyone can screw up a free dinner it may be Gladstone's, but splitting and grilling a spiny lobster should be pretty darn fool proof.

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  1. I went to Gladstone's for a friends b-day dinner about a month ago. Ordered a 2.5 lb lobster. It arrived with the claws not yet cracked. After much effort with the minuscule cracker, I decided cracking it to be impossible. I requested that the waitress send it back into the kitchen to be cracked. it came back missing all of the lobster meat in one of the two claws. I pointed this out to the waitress, who took it back into the kitchen. A few minutes later she came out with claw meat in hand, claiming that she had "found it" in the back. I'd rather not think where that meat may have been.

    Anyways... that's how Gladstones can mess up a free spiny lobster.

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      A valient effort, and a truly disturbing tale for the ages, but spinys are mercifully clawless.