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Oct 17, 2007 03:00 PM

Must Try - DC (Foggy Bottom)

I am coming to DC for the weekend. What would you consider your must trys? Local favorites? I am looking for a fancy and casual places. I am staying in Foggy Bottom, but wouldn't be opposed to hopping on the metro somewhere. (p.s. Already tried a reservation at Komi and they are booked).

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  1. Sit at one of the four stools at Oohs and Aahs for some great soul food. Located at 10th and U, right at the U St/Cardozo Metro Stop on the Green line. Shrimp, lemon pepper wings, short ribs, turkey chop all go down real well with collard greens and rice with gravy.

    1. Komi's a tough reservation. The best food in the city (high end) is Citronelle (G'town), CityZen, Palena, Equinox, Oval Room, Obelisk. Near your hotel is the old standby Kinkeads for fish or Marcel's for belgian/french, and Vidalia for high class southern food. And one of my personal favorites is Tabard Inn, tucked away on N Street.

      For something more interesting -- less formal/more funky -- Rasika for Indian, Jaleo for tapas, Proof for wine and good bistro fare, Minibar at Cafe Atlantico for a completely nutty tasting menu (foie gras cotton candy, anyone?), Central (Citronelle's less formal sibling). Options abound.

      For something

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        Should we add Zaytinya to the list? Turkish meze, located in Penn Quarter.

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          I have to disagree strongly with this one. I've given them 2 shots and both were very average to bad. I think this is one the most over-rated places in town. I would stick with Jaleo or Cafe Atlantico in the mid-range, in that part of town.

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            If you do go, make sure to try the Fried Zucchini- amazing! I had a great experience there for RW this week.

        2. Right in Foggy Bottom you have Marcel's and Kinkeads. Both have great bars to sit at with live piano music. Both also have great appetizers to make a meal of, or formal seating in the restaurant. Recommendations: Marcel's: Bar Tart; Kinkead's: Fried Ipswich Clams.


          1. Right in your neighborhood is Dish in the River Inn Hotel. I had a great meal there recently: rockfish with grits and shrimp. Awesome!

            1. Our always-fave is 1789 which is in Georgetown; you can't metro there but it's a short cab ride away. They have an early bird special if you order before 6:45 and the regular menu prices are really no more than many other nice places these days. It's very traditional, right near G'town U, across the street from the steps the priest fell down in the Exorcist -- for a little movie history. Food is great, service top-notch, great wine list and a real DC stalwart. One thing: jackets required for men. Of course they have a supply if you forget...:) And Pino's tiny bar is definitely a real local treasure.

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                I haven't been yet, but I've heard great things about K's on, appropriately, K St.