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Oct 17, 2007 02:56 PM

Dinner in Burbank

I'm going to be in Burbank with my family on Friday night and need a delicious spot to eat. Any suggestions? I live in San Francisco so I have no clue where to go!

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  1. I always like Granville. They have happy hour til 7pm. If you go, be sure not to miss their mac n cheese. See link below.

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        Oy veh.

        Granville Cafe
        121 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

      2. Granville gets my vote as well, but there are alternatives ...

        Probably my favorite Burbank restaurant nowadays is Bistro Provence, hidden in a shopping plaza on Pass just north of the 134. Great classic French cuisine, not too expensive.

        The Smoke House across from Warner Bros. main gate is about as "old school" as you can get, classic steak-and-potatoes menu that hasn't changed since the 'fifties. Not all "foodies" get it, but I do ...

        Smoke House Restaurant
        4420 W Lakeside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505

        Bistro Provence
        345 N Pass Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

        1. I've heard good things about Granville, but haven't been yet. Can't wait to go. Thanks for reminding me WildSwede. Currently, my first choice for a Burbank restaurant is Arnie Morton's on Olive Ave. - top of the line steaks and lobster. It's hidden off the street, but it's right next to French 75. Great bar too. Very Frank Sinatra!!

          1. I second Arnie Morton's and the Smoke House. I've heard good things about Granville as well, but I've never been.

            1. Depends what you want -- you have the higher-end suggestions there, but we also like Gordon Biersch (yes, I know it's a chain, but I can't get enough of their hamburger, plain, no cheese no ketchup no nothing). There's also Bahia Caporales if you want Mexican, and La Maria Colombian, and Pinocchio's for old-school red-sauce Sinatra-on-the-radio red-and-white-checkered-tablecloth Italian-American (with gigantic portions). There's Picanha Brazilian Churrascaria downtown, Chadaka on San Fernando for upscalish Thai, and my favourite pizzas in Burbank come from Dino's on Burbank Blvd. and North End on Orange Grove just off San Fernando. There's a branch of the storied (which is not to say overhyped) Zankou Chicken on North San Fernando as well.

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                Hi Das, does Gordon Biersch do happy hour? Thanks!

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                  GB has a happy hour 4:30 til 6:30 M-F, $3.50 specials on drafts and some $4 and $5 appetizers like Garlic Fries, Calamari, Chicken Satay & Ahi Tuna bites. At the bar or on the patio only, and you have to specifically ask for the happy hour menu at the host stand when you enter.

                  Granville has better food choices at happy hour in the same price range, but the brews & drinks are not discounted from the regular $5 to $11 prices. And last I heard they still do happy hour 'til 7

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                    Thanks! Yes, Granville's HH goes til 7. They have several food options, but there is a $3.50 per person drink minimum. However, they seem to be pretty cool with one person ordering two drinks and letting one of those drinks "count" to a non-drinker so those who do not drink alcohol can partake in the HH food prices (their soft drinks are around $2.50). From the HH menu, we particularly like the sweet potato fries, mac n cheese, quesadilla, tacos, burger. I was not impressed with the grilled cheese or the hummus.

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                      Pomodoro just outside the Burbank mall has a decent happy hour with some good $3 to $5 food items, and they feature a Sunday football happy hour from 12 to 4 and a Monday nighter from 5 to 9. It's chain food but half-decent, with good beers like Moretti on tap for 3 bucks. Top-shelf drinks are cheap too, I think maybe $4.