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Oct 17, 2007 02:48 PM

Quiet place to meet in NJ between GWB and Lincoln tunnel

I need to meet my folks someplace not too far from the George Washington Bridge for coffee at around 3PM on a Sunday afternoon. They are coming over from Manhattan and will be driving back to Massachusetts afterwards, so I don't want them to have to go too far out of their way. I am coming from Hunterdon Country (an hour west on I78) so someplace south of the bridge would be good.

We just really need a pleasant, quiet place to talk and share a cup of coffee. Doesn't have to be gourmet or anything, but a nice atmosphere with perhaps a view of something other than a wall would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you want a view, try Baumgart's at Citiplace which is about four miles or so south of the Bridge on River Road. It is in the complex directly south of the 16 plex movie theater. If the view is not that important, then you could try NewsBar on Main Street in Fort Lee or The Coffee Tree Cafe in a small shopping center on Palisade Avenue in Fort Lee (By a Chinese Restaurant called Sally Lings)

    1. Not your typical meeting spot, and I cannot attest for noise level on Sunday afternoon, but consider Mitsuwa MarketPlace also on River Road in Edgewater just south of CitiPlace. You could follow directions for the Lincoln Tunnel and get off at the Weehawken exit and head north on Boulevard East. You will save some time and avoid the Bridge traffic.

      Mitsuwa caters to the Asian Communities, but many non Asians shop there for the excellent quality of the products. There is a food court with baked goods, red bean cakes, Chinese, Japanese and Korean food stands serving good quality food and all inexpensive, less than $10 each. There are also a couple of coffee/cappuccino stands as well. The food court has many tables and there is an open view of the Manhattan skyline. The weather forecast is for sunshine and warm temperatures, so you may be able to find an open bench outside on the river walk.

      Most of the families will have finished their shopping and it will be after the lunch hour, so the food court area probably will not be as busy at 3 PM. The access to the GWB is very easy when your folks leave as well.

      Along the same line of suggestions, there is a Whole Foods Market right next to CitiPlace and I believe there is a coffee shop and fruit smoothie stand inside as well. It's been more than a couple of years since I have been to the store, but WFM has this crazy system where you have to stand on a check-out line and pay for what you want first...then present your receipt to the appropriate food stand. I do not know if this holds true still today, but the policy was in place when the store first opened.

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        I thought of both your suggestions, fourunder, and if Metsgo was meeting on a weekday they'd be good suggestions. But, unfortunately, on a Sunday both supermarkets will be very crowded and noisy. You can hardly get into the parking lot at Mitsuwa on the weekends. It's worth a drive by to see, however, as the food and pastries are quite good. And Whole Foods has those outside tables.
        There's a bagel place on River Road called Three Star Bagels Of Edgewater
        in the Market Place shopping center (201) 945-1000. At 3 o'clock it might be quiet. In fact, I've only been there when it's very quiet.
        A little further south on River Road is a Ben and Jerry's (22 Riverwalk Place at Port Imperial, West New York, 201-867-1111) If it's a nice day, and I think it's supposed to be, you could take a coffee over to find a park bench.

      2. How about the Whole Foods in Edgewater? They have tables in the front of the store and may still have outdoor seating since the weather has held up...and you'll have all kinds of food/drink options. It's on River Rd just south of the GWB as well.