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Oct 17, 2007 02:43 PM

NC state fair 2007?

Any updates on the fair this year? Anyone tried anything new or an old standby that is a MUST- have? Anyone tried the fried PB&J?

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  1. Choplin's Hot Dogs
    Richardson Root Beer stand
    Elephant Ear stand with real butter across from the Waterfall
    Anderson & Daughter cobbler
    Ostrich phillycheese
    NCSU booth Milkshake
    Pittsboro Kiwannis country ham (biscuit eh, ham the best at the fair)
    Frozen banan'ers
    A pork tenderloin sandwich from the Pork Chop Shop.
    Maple sugar & Honey cotton candys
    Cold fresh apple cider
    Any candy red candy apple made with a granny smith apple (or any apple really, as long as it isn't a Red or Yellow delicious, yuck)
    A fresh lime fizz with no sugar.
    Salted roasted in the shell peanuts
    A muffin to take home from the Gingerbread house
    A bratwurst or a kielbasa from the German stand
    Mini-donuts from the lady in front of where the bingo "used to be".
    Fresh made french fries from your favorite french fry place
    Tempura from the tempura hut next to the pittsboro kiwannis place (there may be others now)
    Steamed silver queen corn
    A baked sweet potato
    Roasted yellow horse corn and a fresh lemonade with all the sugar you can imagine
    A kosher hot dog (yes, there is one at the fair)
    A deep fried twinkee (the best of a bad lot, I must say)

    1. Someone told me about giant amazing ├ęclairs that they get at the fair each year. Anyone try them?

      1. The deepfried PB&J is, I'm pretty sure, just a Crustables run thru the fryolater. Not bad but not all that, either. About halfway thru I found myself thinking "man, this is a lot of warm peanut butter to be eating" and shortly after that, I gave up. I'd recommend the deepfried Reese's cup instead.
        But, really, it's all about the mini-donuts.

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        1. re: gpatterson

          You're right about it being the Crustables. However, the deep-fried "don't miss" this year is very easy to miss. It's the deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough at the Miss D'Lites (I might not be remembering the name correctly) stand opposite the restrooms by the Grandstand. The menu misleadingly reads "Deep-fried chocolate chip cookie" but it's scoops of raw cookie dough dipped in batter and fried. It's pretty evil and more than a little overwhelming.

          My fave? Freshly pressed cider, either hot or cold, and a bag of kettle corn both from the vendors in the Village of Yesteryear.

        2. gpatterson, I am with you. The minidonuts are the winner for me this year. If you get them just made they are so soft and warm and yummy. I have been contemplating going back out there tomorrow morning just to get some for breakfast!

          My kids are eating the honey cotton candy right now for great as always.

          We have a bbq plate from the Pork Producers...they get it from White Swan. It was pretty good and the potatoes had that lovely waxy salty taste that is probably not so good to anyone else, but if you grew up eating them at bbq places, bring back great memories.

          We had floats from Richardson's root beer. Very good.

          The NCSU ice cream line is just too long to do with kids. I miss it! I agree about the is the way to go.

          I thought the Al's French fries were kinda greasy and undercooked this year.

          The kettle corn and apple cider in Heritage Village were incredible, as usual.

          I missed too much good stuff....must go back....................

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          1. re: VaNC

            The roasted corn is, in my opinion, the only reason to go to the Fair! :-)

          2. Just got back from the fair. Much food was consumed by the two of us:
            Roasted corn - the best!
            Bloomin' onion - bland, greasy waste of money. Waste of an onion for that matter.
            Smoked turkey leg, mmmmmm salty goodness.
            Milkshake and cone from NC State ice cream stand. Delish.
            Kettle corn - across from the Village of Yesteryear or whatever they call it. Yummy, brought most of it home with me.
            Fried oreo. Not my idea, I was too full to appreciate it. Basically a beignet with an oreo in the middle. Boyfriend found it delicious.

            And, a small PSA if 'hounds will indulge me. Do not wear flip-flops to the Fair. Especially when it has been raining. This is a rookie mistake, and immediately pegs you as a Duke student.