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Oct 17, 2007 02:39 PM

More Kendall Sq Eateries - Baja Betty's coming

A notice for a town hall meeting to discuss Baja Betty's coming into the building was posted at the 500 Tech Square building. Supposedly does California style Mexican Food. I assume it's the same as the one in Brookline Village, but I've never been. Thoughts of anyone who's tried the Brookline Village location?

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  1. I've been to the Brookline one. My general impression was that it's better than Purple Cactus, Boca Grande, or Picante, probably as good as Felipe's or Anna's or Herrera's, a shade under El Pelon or Tacos Lupita. In other words -- maybe not worth a brutal hike, but certainly good.

    1. The main thing I like about Baja Betty's is the roasted corn which they occ offer as an add-on to the burritos. I don't think they are authentic by any measure--not Mex, Tex-Mex, or Cali-Mex--but good for what they are, which is substantial, tasty, reasonably healthy...that said, I only get a burrito there when they have the corn! (Otherwise I go around the corner to KooKoo cafe for a kookoo)

      1. I've been to the Brookline one quite a few times. I'm a Boca man, and still prefer that over Baja Betty's, but it's a good alternative. Probably my main complaint is the meat never seems to be that tasty in comparison to some of the other places around. Also, I'd prefer the cheese to be melted, which doesn't really seem to happen here. That said, they do have interesting add-ons (like the corn mentioned above, and other stuff like potatoes). In addition, the staff has always been very nice, polite, and efficient when I'm there.