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Oct 17, 2007 02:35 PM

Anyone read the article in last months Gourmet about the taquerias in Durham?

Just wondering if anyone read this article and if folks had tried any of the places mentioned.
Sorry I don't have the article with me so I can't give any references....

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  1. Lopez, Los Comales, El Paraiso, La Vaquita and Fiesta Grill. I've been to the first four and they're all great :)

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      1. re: walras

        From what I've read, the fifth is the most americanized, though that says nothing re quality (and it's also second hand).

        Personally, I like all four I've been to. The chorizo is best at Lopez, ditto for seafood. I love the lengua at La Vaquita. I had a good menudo at El Pariso. Haven't been to Los Comales in a while.

        1. re: termite

          I dunno if I'd call Fiesta Grill "americanized," but I get the impression that the folks running it have been in the US for longer. The menu is fully in english, and you don't need to fall back on Spanglish to order (you actually don't have to do that much at the other tacquerias). But the food is MMMM-good, and the tacos are straight soft-corn, tasty meat, onions, cilantro, hot sauce. And the tortas are big giant sloppy messes just like at any of the other taquerias.

          They have a few slightly-more-Americanized dishes (I think they even have crispy tacos on the lunch menu) but it hasn't affected their ability to cook right ;-)

          1. re: rossgrady

            Just to clarify: I in no way see americanized as negative if the cooking's good.

    1. They also mention Super Taqueria on the Gourmet list. I haven't been to all of them, but Los Comales is hard to beat on a price/quality basis. Pastor, pollo, asada, chorizo, barbacoa tacos all $1.50 and on fresh homemade tortillas. Many other taco and food options as well. My 16 year old daughter has become a big fan of their gorditas. They don't have the extensive condiment bar of Super Taqueria but what they do have is fresh and excellent.

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      1. re: PeterB

        It's really hard to go wrong at any of the five listed as well as a dozen other taco shacks in the Triangle.

      2. Agreed with all of the below. It's one of the times that Gourmet's travel section has gotten it right on the screws, so to speak. They hit 5 really great places, although as a buddy of mine has said, the Triangle's latino population is growing faster than almost anywhere else in the US. As such, we've got some taqueria fare on par with Southern California and parts of Texas. And while Fiesta Grill does reflect a longer stint in the US, I would put a good number of their dishes on the authentic side of things. Either way, you owe it to yourself to go check these places out--you won't be disappointed.

        1. for the record, the issue was awesome, all -around, a few great articles and some good recipes to hold on to. hell, i was just pleased and floored that snooty gourmet magazine was acknowledging real everyday food.

          Los Comales is definately the best bang for your buck...and tasty as all get-out! La superior has a really good taqueria in there too. cheap tacos with lots of fresh meats...and they have a tortilleria on premises too, so they are always succulent. also a good bakery, and butcher

          1. I love places like this and have been going to them for years in Charlotte. Glad someone finally took notice. The food is almost always outstanding, the prices are unbelievably reasonable and the people who work in them are invariably cheerful, helpful and hospitable. These places are gems and we're lucky to live in cities that have them.

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            1. re: southernitalian

              I would love to know "places like this" in CLT.
              At the risk of needing a new thread, do you mind listing your favorite taquerias in Charlotte that are equal to the ones listed in the Gourmet article?
              I posted an inquiry (well over a year ago) about some of the taco trucks on South Blvd. and had no responses.