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I'm looking for places that serve a good all day breakfast. Emphasis on good. Anywhere in L.A.

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  1. Jongewaard's, Long Beach: YUM fresh fruit pancakes without that gloppy gel or overly sweet fruit syrup.
    Doughboys, Hollywood and West LA

    1. 26 Beach serves until 3 p.m. daily. I also have a weakness for b-fast at The Broadway Deli (ducking now...)

        1. Harolds House of Omletes in Thousand Oaks is my pick. No, it's really not in LA but trust me, it's worth the drive. Good Mexican food too!

          1. Pann's serves breakfast all day!

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              Fried Chicken wing breakfast with two eggs, hash browns and toast, washed down with a Coffee Shake. Breakfast of champions and guaranteed to make you sleep like a baby on the flight out of LAX.

            2. My favorite all day breakfast place is Doughboys, especially their rendition of SOS.

              Doughboys Bakery
              1156 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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                Doughboys get my vote for best all day breakfast too, I particularly like their morning pizza & their pancake combo (your choice of their ~dozen pancake/griddlecake + eggs & bacon)


              2. Thanks everyone. Not that I didn't like the suggestions, but I ended up going to Astro's on Fletcher in Silverlake. I had the "Six Shooter" - two eggs, two pieces of sausage, two pieces of bacon, two pieces of ham, 4 huge pancakes, hashbrowns, oj, and coffee. Finished everything and licked the plate. Pann's is next, as I eat my way through this list. Thanks again.

                1. low end: 101 Cafe on Franklin, Fred 62 on Vermont, Millie's on Sunset (closes early, 4pm I think, but serves breakfast the whole time); The Coffee Table on Rowena serves breakfast until 3pm.

                  high end: Pacific Dining Car
                  while Musso and Frank only serves flannel cakes until 3pm, I believe omelettes and such are available all day.

                  1. Square One serves breakfast until 3:30 ( when they close )

                    1. Kokomo Cafe in the Farmers Market
                      3rd & Fairfax
                      323 933-0773

                      1. Griddle Cafe, but they are only open breakfast and lunch time.

                        Kate Mantilini does good breakfast fare.


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