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Oct 17, 2007 02:06 PM

Is Rice Flour Necessary?

I am planning on making a thai inspired meatball appetizer with hot peanut sauce.

The instructions say to roll the meatballs in rice flour before browning them. Is it necessary to use rice flour for this? I'm happy to buy it, but don't want to if another pantry item would work as well.


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  1. cornstarch will work if you have it, otherwise good old AP flour will do. Just sift the flour couple of times to make it nice and light.

    1. If you have some cream of rice cereal in your pantry that would work as a great substitute for the rice flour.


      1. Rice flour is nice to keep on hand. I use it a lot for light dusting of proteins before browning to help dry the surface. It works better than regular flour and Wondra.

        1. You may be able to make your own by grinding up rice in a coffee grinder.