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Oct 17, 2007 01:56 PM

Private Chef, Mississauga

Looking for a chef to come to my home for a Christmas party. Chef needs to be accomplished. Any ideas?

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  1. People who are professional Personal Chefs usually are members of two large national personal chef associations (I forget their names but if you google Personal Chef Associations you will probably find their names); once you get to the Associations websites they have links to help you find a Certified Personal Chef in your area; also many of those Personal Chefs may have websites with their bios.

    1. you may want to check out another current posting on the board called 'Personal Chef for a Private Party', there's some good feedback there.

      1. Here's the link to that "Personal Chef for Private Party" thread, you might find something useful there -

        1. On occasion we buy produce at the Etobicoke Farmers Market. Recognising Caroline McCann-Bizjak from "Cook Like a Chef" selling produce from her Beamsville farm, I struck up a conversation with her and we concluded our conversation with her giving me her business card for home catering services (which I have since misplaced.) She told me she would provide any level of catering required, even bringing her own pots, pans and utensils to cook at your house.

          This was a couple of years ago, though she may still be offering catering services.

          her bio:

          I'd try lookin up Bizjak in the Beamsville 411.

          She seemed like a very nice lady.

          1. hi there,
            put in a call to Ezra at Chez Vous.