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Old Stone Mill tonight on Kitchen Nightmares

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Since it is a Tuckahoe, NY restaurant, I figured some would find this interesting...

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  1. Anyone been there since the 're-opening'?

    1. I'll be curious to see what BillyP has to say about this place. After watching that episode, I still don't see how they can be successful with 2 people manning the line, but that's just me.

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        I watched the show this evening and I still have not figured out if it helped or hurt the restaurant! Anyone have any comments about the show? It wa very interesting to watch but you have to also know that Dean was a former soap opera actor......makes you think a little doesn't it.

      2. I was wondering about this place. It's an interesting building. Is Tuckahoe part of Yonkers?

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          No, The Bronx River, which runs next to the restaurant, is the border line for Yonkers and Tuckahoe, so the restaurant is the first property in Yonkers there. I know this was taped a while ago, maybe the end of last year. If you ever go into the butcher in Bronxville, he has pics of Gordan Ramsey in there and he was the one who told me he met him while taping the show. I was there for a shower last year and it was good.

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            I was going to ask the board if they knew where the butcher shop from the show was. Where in Bronxville?

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              I think it's Mini's Prime Meats on Park Place (same street as Il Bacio).

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                We went there once when we first moved here and weren't impressed with the quality of their meat for the price.

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            Yeah, what a joke, treating the mayor of Yonkers as royalty and never mentioning that he is not the mayor of Tuckahoe.

          3. I just watched it. Not a very good episode. No discussion/inspection of the kitchen or the fact that the chef seemed to be floundering in that tiny space. I noticed that when they served the steaks, they looked totally unappealing on otherwise unadorned plates. The Mgr was totally inept and yet, GR was almost kindly to him (except the sweating comment) Funny that one of you mentioned that Dean was a former Soap Opera actor since the episode concentrated on the 'drama ' between GR and Dean and little else. Even the makeover didn't make sense. Having restaurant customers sit on couches is not practical unless you can afford to replace them rather frequently.
            DId I miss the followup comment at the end of the episode or was there none?

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              I read a NY Times review of this restaurant from 2006 and they said the same things that Gordon Ramsay said. Beautiful decor, awful food - except they liked the chopped salad.

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                I didn't see any followup. I guess they just lived happily ever after. Actually, there was an article in the Journal News recently. I did not read it but my wife told me that it said they changed the menu a bit after he left.

                BTW I can't imagine their former clientele from the senior home next door was very happy with the new menu (and presumably higher prices).

              2. I watched last night, and got a little tear in my eye when Ramsay went around Crestwood and Tuckahoe and claimed that something was missing. I instantly thought of Salerno's, a restaurant on Main Street that my best friends father owned for 40 years. It wasn't all steak, but everything was so freah and delicious. Mr. Salerno himself picked out his meat and fish daily. It was definatley an old school place (they did not skimp on the butter), but it was some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life.

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                  Yes, we miss Salerno's too. The food was uncomplicated, fresh and well prepared. And the welcome you got was always warm. It's been heartbreaking to see the building empty for 2 years now.

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                    We also miss Salerno's, it was our favorite local place, however it has been gone a lot longer than two years.

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                      It's been almost 3 years since the restaurant closed. You might be thinking about the butcher shop that George's brother owned which closed about 10 years ago.

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                        I remember the restaurant was closed before the filming of Riding in cars with boys, and that was well over three years ago, but I could be wrong, I know the butcher shop closed before the restaurant did.

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                          It was open during the filming of that movie. That's when they stuck the huge lobster on the side of the building - ha. I ate there the last week it was open (February 2005).

                2. jfood liked the show. there were a couple of OMG moments but it showed that GR has a big heart in helping not only the Keystone Cops of Restaurants but saved a marriage.

                  Interesting that the hubby sorta forgot to tell the wife that they were half a mil in the hole on the resto then she shows up in a $1,000 Burberry jacket. The chef was a lot of fun to watch and looked like a SNL character, felt real pity for him. Tom, well, what can you say about a fish out of water. And the owner, the only footage they left out was when his head exploded after GR ate the first round of food.

                  But in the end, it looked like disfuntional went to functional and jfood really liked the new signs.

                  Jfood is being converted to a GR fan and is spending a week in London soon. Will now put the GR restos on the go-to list.

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                    I just watched this here in the UK, and GR is well known here as a no BS first class chef with a big heart as shown on this episode, I remember watching a show called the restaurant with a no hoper love himself so called chef called Roco or Rocko, the owner of this beautiful place had the same attitude, I hope it picks up and does well for his wifes sake.

                  2. Is this place worth checking out after all of the hype? Would it still make GR proud? Just curious if anyone has been there lately?

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                      I had a friend that went and said the steak was, meh. Also they mentioned that the decor was strange. I myself have not been.

                    2. Hey, we here down in Aus. want to know how this idoit is surviving. Who in there right mind would allow themselves to get half a mil in the hole! Anyone know how the the steak house is going?

                      1. I watched this while I was in London on a business trip a couple of weeks ago. It was fun to watch this show with none of the f-bombs bleeped out.

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                          i loved the stone mill and it does make the most perfect steak house .i hope the restaurant menagerie gets his act together i fellt sorry for the poor guy i just wonted to hold his hand while he explained the new menu. ps i die for a good steak

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                            The restaurant is now owned by the people who own Angelina's in Tuckahoe. It is a total abomination, right down to the waiter who looks like he came directly out of the movie Phantasm.

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                              If you want a good inexpensive steak in town there is always the 12oz flat iron at Piper's Kilt or a few different selections at the Quarry. I had the ribeye recently and it was delicious. And they will make it anyway you want. If you want upscale you can drive north to Morton or south to Jake's. While I too would love to see that place become something better than the ho-hum Italian food that seems to dominate the restaurant scene.

                              Piper's Kilt
                              434 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709