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Oct 17, 2007 01:28 PM

BYOB in Providence

I'm looking for suggestions on BYOBs here in Providence. I know that many of the ethnic restaurants allow BYO (Not Just Snacks, India on Wickenden, and Phonatic and Apsara.) But I'm specifically curious about a place called Casa Christine on Federal Hill.

Has anyone been there? I've heard that they close really early and that the hostess is mean.

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  1. Yes, very rude. I went 5-6 yrs ago w/a group of friends and wouldn't go back. There are just too many good restaurants around to deal w/that. Too bad though as the food was very good - if you're the sort who could find that amusing, then go for it. Oh, not the hostess btw, she's the owner.

    1. Casa Christine - I had a very hard time. We tried making reservations last year for 8 of us...and they never answer the phone. When we finally got someone, she was actually MAD and annoyed (huffing and rude) that there were 8 of us. They only are open certain hours, and not late. She told us to call back when there were less ppl. So we ended up going about 2 months later. Same deal -hard to get a rs, could only come early. They like to close early. The food was VERY average, and the woman who i think runs it was MEAN. The floor needed a good vacuum too. Cafe Andiamo is BYOB - great food but hard to get in. Il Piccolo will let you BYOB if you call and ask to when you make your reservation. Excellent eclectic italian food

      1. CC closes at 7:30 PM - it's really more of a lunch destination for RI politicos. It looks like a living room and it is run like one - the owner isn't super friendly to those she doesn't know eating at her home. If you show up for lunch during the week getting a table isn't a problem. That being said - there is something about it that I really like and I recommend trying it out. The food is definitely good but not fantastic. Perhaps it IS the inaccessibility that I like!

        Another suggestion for BYOB is Guidos, a small Italian eatery on Hope St across from Rue De L'Espoir. Seems to be a love/hate relationship with that place - I love it although I only ever get their linguine with special sauce.

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          Can you give me an idea of the dishes you've enjoyed at CC or some suggestions? I'd like to check it out. What's the price range, more or less? thanks ;)

        2. I have been to Casa Cristine's and the food was good but it's hard, if not nearly impossible, to get a reservation after 7:30pm and the owner/hostess makes you feel a bit rushed. I don't know if you like Sushi but Tokyo on Wickenden is good. There is also a restaurant in Warwick called the Tuscan Grill, the atmosphere isn't the best but it's not bad, the food was very good and the prices were excellent. Also, there is an Italian restaurant called Lucia's in Newport, it's on Thames. The food, atmosphere, prices and the staff is wonderful. It's a great place to go with friends or out on a date with your significant other.