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Oct 17, 2007 01:26 PM

Grandaisy UWS Opens Tomorrow

The new Grandaisy on 72nd/Broadway had their door open for a bit of a soft open today with some tasty samples. Grand opening is tomorrow. A great addition to the 'hood!

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  1. Say! That's right nnear me. What kind of food?

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    1. re: idia

      thanks so much, harrison. i jubilantly posted the first announcement of this uws location the moment i saw the sign. i live a block away and i'm a huge sullivan st/granddaisy bakery fan. i just logged on here to let everyone know that the paper has been removed from the windows and it looked like the doors would be open soon. i had no idea about the soft opening today nor that opening day would be tomorrow.
      idia, if you love bread, this will be the place for you.
      imo, they have the best bread in manhattan and their pizza bianca is incredible. they also serve sandwiches and sweets. i am praying they will have a wide array of typical choices despite the same space.

      1. re: nativeNYer

        I second the pizza bianca. It is Roman style pizza. It's cheap and huge, and deliciously salty and olive oil-y.

        Yes, they do have great breads. My boyfriend and I also recently tried the peanut butter sandwich cookie and were blown away.

        1. re: nativeNYer

          NNYer - You absolutely get credit for breaking the news! I was too lazy to go back to original thread. Menu looks broad with the pizzas, paninis, breads and the sweets.

          1. re: harrison

            no credit needed at all. i was just trying to say that i share the excitement with you. thanks for reassuring me that the menu looks broad.

          2. re: nativeNYer

            Are they related to Sullivan.. Looks very similar.. Thanks

            1. re: Daniel76

              yes. i believe the story is that sullivan st bakery was owned by a husband and wife team who parted ways. she got the original location (village) but renamed it grandaisy and he got to keep the original name at the hell's kitchen location.
              so it looks like the wife is expanding the operation. i've tried both locations after the split and i am relieved to say that it appears nothing has changed.

              1. re: Daniel76

                The owners of Grandaisy and Sullivan Street Bakery were once partners. A couple of years ago they split up, he (Jim Lahey) to concentrate on the 46th Street Sullivan Street Bakery and on the wholesale business at 73 Sullivan Street and she (Monica Von Thun Calderón) to concentrate on the retail business. She renamed the orgininal Sullivan Street location Grandaisy in honor of her grandmother. Grandaisy continues to sell Sullivan Street breads and pizzas, and added pastries and sandwiches.

          3. Is this actually on 72nd and Amsterdam by the Citibank? I went to check it out, but it looked barely finished inside.

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            1. re: JungMann

              I am actually drooling to try that Pizza Bianca.

              1. re: JungMann

                Yup, it's in that old Cremalita space right next to Gray's Papaya.

              2. Just back. Sitting here gnawing on a Pan Puligiese as I type. Yes, they're open. But just barely. They're still doing some construction, but they have breads and pastries for sale. And treats for tasting. No pizza bianca. Not yet. They told me they expect the oven to be installed the first week of November and that as soon as it is, pizzas and "other baked treats" will be available.

                By the way, they told me they had seen your announcement post, nativeNYer, and they had obviously gotten a big kick out it.

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                1. re: JoanN

                  soooo, funny, joanN. Thanks for the feedback. i feel like a grandaisy/sullivan st groupie now! gnawing on a piece of my favorite bread, eh? not fair. i am truly relieved to hear they'll be selling everything on what i will call "our location" b/c this is our very own location right here on the UWS! thanks so much for reading my mind and reporting back on all the important info.

                  1. re: nativeNYer

                    So nativeNYer, I had to look up your original post just because and it made me laugh out loud! I'm not quite in the nabe (UES Yorkville) but this is still great news for me as I'm out your way at Fairway often enough anyway and it beats the schlep downtown. And yes, this truly is among the best bread in the city. Huge thanks for getting the word out!!!

                    1. re: smsliu

                      thanks for the post, smsliu. i'll bet they'll open an UES location soon once they see how well this location does. i've been picking up one of the hot loaves of fairway bread whenever i've been too lazy to head downtown. it's actually quite good. there are several different types of loaves there but, if you grab a hot, plain white one, i think you'll like it. it's better than anything i've had at zabar's, citarella, etc, and it's open far later than grandaisy, i'm sure. i'll bet grandaisy will be closing by 7pm [shudder].