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Oct 17, 2007 01:23 PM

Bobby Van the experience

Wondering what is the general understanding of how to run a restaurant and if I am the only one who has been treated rudely, suffered awful service, and its been twice in three weeks??
Anyone want to share? What do you do? Is this place only for the world's biggest traders?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. that place is a trash can.

      1. i never had a bad experience there...though, i only go to the one in the 50s.

        write a letter...they're a mini chain and dont want to piss anyone off. seriously...

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          thanks for the encouragement--I will

          1. re: citified

            which bv's did you go to? i have never been to the new one downtown, but over the years i went many times to the one on 48th and park and the newer (and much nicer) spot on east 54th. I much prefer the 54th st. location. Decor is better, and it has a much larger bar space---- a necessary evil at bv's. I did experience so so service once or twice at the 48th st . the 54th locale it has been fine. I would reccommend AJ Maxwells on 48 betw 5 and 6 as a nice alternative---it also has a broader menu. Lenny, a former manager at BV's is running the place, and it has great steaks.