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Oct 17, 2007 01:00 PM

Going to Orris tonight - What should I order?

I've heard so much about this place from all you fellow Chowhounders so I'm finally checking it out tonight.

Best/Worst dishes?


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  1. I would go for the blackboard specials they put out on the sidewalk. So keep an open mind when heading there.

    As for things to avoid, I skip desserts--only because I'd much rather get crepes from that little joint across the street a block down (in the "Tomato Bank" plaza).


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      The desserts are fantastic there. I have probably had everything on the menu. It's all really good. Grilled hearts of romaine, lamb chops, filet mignon skewer w/ roquefort butter, snapper carpaccio, whatever specials they have. I love this place.

    2. I like their grilled romaine, shrimp ravioli, and crispy scallop roll

      1. The grilled hearts of romaine and pork medallions.

        1. I love this place. The owner and executive chef, Hideo Yamashiro, is masterful. He also owns Shiro's in Pasadena. I highly recommend that restaurant, as well. Back to Orris. Unless they've changed their policy, reservations aren't excepted, so try to go early if you can. I believe it opens at 5:30. Even on a weekday, I've seen lines to get in by 6:30. You can either sit at the bar (not a sushi bar) or at tables. Don't be surprised if you get into a coversation with the people sitting next to you. Tables are close together, but not communal. Like AquaW mentioned, reading the outside chalkboard for their specials is a good way to go. In the past, I have had some pretty amazing cuisine: crab and cucumber salad, albacore lettuce cups, squash blossoms, mousse shrimp ravioli, seared tuna sashimi, black cod, etc. They even have a version of fried chicken, small spicy bites. You're going to have a good time. Wish I was going with you.

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            omakase summed it up pretty well. I add The Tuna Tartare..

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              Thanks so much for everyone's recommendations!
              Am I totally screwed if 3 of us go at 7:30? How long will we be waiting?


              1. re: asnyder

                I was there last Wednesday at 8:30 with a friend and we didn't have to wait at all. In addition to the other recs, I really think they have a great cheese plate for the price ($10). Always good cheeses and the bread that comes with is a great vehicle for the cheese!

            2. We went a few weeks ago and really loved the Matsutake Mushroom Salad Special and the Miso Black Cod (I think one of the best in the city!)