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Oct 17, 2007 12:14 PM

Raleigh rec. needed for Boston Hound

hey all

We're coming down from boston next week for a wedding (my wife is from Raleigh). It's all her mother's birthday and we want to take her out to dinner. Any reccomendations for a nice place? We eat anything but she is extremely picky. Unfortunately no ethnic food either. She's on a low-sodium diet and is really concerned about that. They live in North Raleigh but I'm willing to go anywhere in the triangle area. Price point around 20 dollar entrees. Thanks so much.

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  1. 518 West might fit the bill. It's Italian-ish (check online menu). It isn't exotic or spectacular, but it is consistent and reliable, has a nice atmosphere, and is moderately priced. And - I find this is key for a relaxing dinner with the grandparents - the service is solid. They should be able to handle special requests and dietary concerns.

    518 West Italian Cafe
    518 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC 27605

    1. Zest Cafe at in the shopping center Strickland and Leadmine near the Border's.

      1. A friend of mine just had a great meal at South.

        1. South is nice, zest cafe I love. If it is italian the guys who own south also own Vivace which I thought was awesome everytime I went. Of course it's a little morepricy but I love the Angus Barn. I'm going there in two weeks with my father who is coming in from France.

          1. If the folks are coming in from Boston, and mom's a picky may want to skip South. Their "regional cuisine" might not suit her palate. I would echo the rec for 518 - it's not adventurous or cutting edge, but it is nice, consistent, reliable food. We've been there before and ordered off the menu and it's been no problem.

            Steak, maybe? I would say Prime Only on Leesville Road, the Angus Barn, and Sullivan's are all old-school steakhouses. Might be a little pricey for what you're seeking, but you can't beat the service and the atmosphere.

            Good luck!