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Oct 17, 2007 12:03 PM

Thanksgiving in ROME

Going to spend the first part of my honeymoon in Italy.

While we don't expect ANYONE to be celebrating Thanksgiving in ROME. It is still special to us and we want to have a GREAT dinner. Any recommendations. Price ranges would be appreciated also.

If someone is looking to be even more helpful, from Rome we go to Florence and Venice...any recommendations would be appreciated. Like I have said on previous posts, I am looking for a place that if my dear friends were going I would tell them "not to miss this place"

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. I suggest you go for a real Roman dinner, and something fun. My favorite place is Taverna Trilussa (via Politeama), in Trastevere, near Piazza Trilussa. First start off with an aperitivo at Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere (any of the caffes will do) and then head over to Taverna Trilussa, the prices are great. The menu is Roman (written in Roman and also English). The owners are very nice, and they serve pastas in the large pendole that they were cooked in!
    The antipasti are wonderful and typical -- mozzarella in carozza, scamorza, fritte....

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      Sounds you need a reservation? Cant wait, thanks for the advice

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        I was just there last night, without a reservation, and ate outside under the fungi (heaters). I suggest making a reservation. Owners Massimo and Maurizio are very nice and speak a little bit of English.

    2. Paris is another very good restaurant in the Trastevere district of Rome. Despite the name, it serves traditional Roman cuisine. My guess is dinner will run in the 25-35 Euro range per person.

      Be sure to do "Search this board" searches for Rome, Venice & Florence. They are the 3 most commonly visited cities in Italy. You will find dozens and dozens are helpful suggestions already here for you.

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        Paris IS good but it's about twice that expensive. The name has nothing to do with France. It's a surname found in the Lazio region.

        The Cavalieri Hilton does a Thanksgiving menu, I believe. I've never been, but I've always been tempted.

      2. Hey -- don't feel bad. I just found out that I will be in Rome over Thanksgiving on a business trip! Luckily, my husband is joining I was really excited to see your post to get some recommendations for us as well!


        1. For a GREAT (food, ambience, location, service) dinner in Rome I would suggest:

          L'Altro Mastai Euro 110 per person

          La Rosetta Euro 140 per person

          Casina Valadier Euro 90 per person

          Il Convivio Euro 120 per person

          Hostaria dell'Orso Euro 100 per person

          Mirabelle Euro 120 per person



          1. Thanks so much for this post TedyB. My husband and I are taking a slightly belated honeymoon this month (we leave Tuesday) and will be gone through Thanksgiving (actually in Venice on Thanksgiving). Such a great time to travel!

            Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!

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              just a follow up on all the input...

              ate our best meal in Italy (and for my wife our whole trip including rome, florence, venice, and paris) at Taverna Trilussa...what a wonderful restaurant. We did the tasting menu, all paired with fantastic wine. 2 pasta courses, the best ravioli ever (in champagni sauce? white with various cheeses) and best bolognese we have ever had. Wondeful antipasta...and for a reasonable price when you compare it to....

              Piperno...overpriced, overratted, and a shame that they are so well reviewed everywhere. I just dont get it. You could get better Italian in Nothern NJ and especially Mahattan. Fried cod was ehhh..fried artichokes were eh. we just wished we had gone back to taverna trilussa or Aurora 10, which is a local type place that serves and amazing salt crust baked sea bass brushed with lemon olive oil with oregano leaf brushed. now that is what you expect in italy. not 6 different varieties of overcooked veal parm, which is what piperno seemed to offer us and the 2 other couples around us. i was entertained with the "fried grandpas balls" dessert which looked how you would think enough to make us giggle like children but tasted pretty good.

              FYI if you talk Florence...Il Latini is quite the experience if you can get over the cattle call, even IF you have reservations, but to eat at a family style table with strangers and share excellent private label chianti and eat just plain good food in a loud cheery environment is what we call a good time. especially when our table of 6 drank 2 bottles (they are the magnum size)!
              Also, had a great pizza and the best homemade gnocci in alfredo (quatro fromagge) at a place called The cat and the wolf (or vice versa), locals and students, stopped in only cause it was croweded at 10pm and we were hungry...lucky us, it was just what we wanted...almost like a pizzeria that looked like a tavern in the US. worth popping in if you want a cheap dinner and 3000 calorie pasta one night.

              Oh and btw, I am convinced there ARE no worthwhile restaurants in Venice. Our hotel and harry's bar recommended tratoria (or something like that ) san marco and it was pricey and just good luck there.

              anyway thanks for ALL the help chowhounders

              1. re: TedyB

                Great that you reported back, esp in detail. Id say give Venice another chance - there are many good restaurants there - and lots of good reccs on this site - I would almost never look to a hotel for recommendations. Il Latini may be fun as a curiosity if you want to drink it up with other tourists, but we werent interested in that and were put off by the mediocrity of the food - this was almost 30 yrs ago - they definitely have a formula that succeeds but there is a lot better food to be had in Florence..

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                  Agreed 100%, jen. We went to Il Latini ten years ago on a hotel's recommendation. Mediocre and touristy. And yes, there are good restaurants in Venice, Alla Madonna and Al Covo, to name two.

                2. re: TedyB

                  do you have the address for taverna trilussa?

                  1. re: erwann

                    Via del Politeama 21, (06) 581-8918, Monday-Saturday 8 p.m.-12 a.m.,

                    Have fun!