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Oct 17, 2007 11:55 AM

Fairfield Cty Pizza

Just moved from Brooklyn to Westport and I'm sure this has been beaten to death but besides Colony and Leitizia are there any other options? Has anyone been to Pizza Thyme in Westport? Thanks!

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  1. Check out Fat Cat Pie Co. in Norwalk -- great wine list, nice thin crust pizzas, terrific salads. Not a "pizza place" exactly, but good.
    I haven't tried Pizza Thyme.

    1. There are two excellent and recently updated threads on Pizza

      Pizza Funk in FFD County...

      This one is more Stamford specific...

      1. My favorite pizza place in Westport these days is a relatively new place called SLICE - it's on Post Road, across the street from Stop & Shop. Crust is sweet, and the pies are on the thinner side, but I wouldn't exactly call them thin crust. Their pastas are also solid. Pretty much pick-up or delivery only.

        1. Remo's in Stamford is very good, their Neapolitan can be anywhere from OK to excellent.

          Unfortunately, coming from the land of DiFara, Patsy Grimaldi, and're mostly due for a pizza letdown wherever you go.

          1. Pizza Thyme is actually really good - not a pizza place atmosphere (actally more of a cafe within Garelick and herbs) but good for a quick lunch. As a fellow ex-Brooklynite I think you'll be happiest at Pepes. There's a lot of "love it or hate it" on this board, but I'm a big fan. Pizza tastes vary so greatly - if you like grimaldis and lombardis, you'll like pepes. If not, you may not like it.