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Oct 17, 2007 11:51 AM

UES Italian-Need some recs

A relative of ours just moved to the UES, somewhere in the 80"s near 3rd and we are taking her out to dinner in a few weeks. I am not in this area often and not as familiar with the restaurants. I am hoping to find a nice, neighborhood type Italian restaurant, along the lines of a Le Zie or Crispo. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I've not been to Le Zie or Crispo, but Spigola (Spigolo?) is very good and right around there.

    1. There's Agata & Valentina on 79th and 1st

      1. Sandro's and Antonucci are both in the low 80's off 2nd Ave.-great food, atmosphere and service

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          Have you been to Sando's recently? I had thought of trying the place a few months ago when I was in that area but plans were changed at last minute. I have heard some mixed things but mostly positive. Any insights on Sando's is appreciated!

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            Sandro's IMHO is fine but nothing compared to SPIGOLO!! Call ahead for SPIGOLO as it is booked everynight but outdoor seating first come first served.Sandro's portions huge and hearty-SPIGOLO much more refined and courses are while small in size-perfect-Believe it or not thier steak is absolutely fab, but also try of course the pasta dishes and the gnochi is out of this world!!! But I warn you-make reservations!! And do not sit in my seat at the bar!!

        2. I went to Nica Trattoria (84th and 1st) recently and it was delicious. But I must warn you... the service getting started is a little slow-- but once your order is taken, the food starts to come out at a good pace.
          Also, Cafe Buon Gusto (on E 77th) is always a good neighborhood place.

          1. I haven't been to any of the other resturaunts mentioned but I always have a great meal at Vespa. With the weather so nice lately they have a great garden you might also enjoy.