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Apr 14, 2006 04:14 PM

Need Advice... Myth or Ame or....?

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So Im debating between staying in healdsburg to eat at Cyrus, or driving back to town with the folks to eat somewhere here. I havent really heard anything at all about cyrus. If i come back to town, do i go to Myth or Ame?

Were already hitting up aziza, zuni, oliveto, canteen, and pizzeria delfina. if not myth or ame, where?

thanks for the help!

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  1. m
    Morton the Mousse

    Not much about Cyrus on Chowhound. Here's an excellent report from the restaurant whore:


    1. Myth is the place but I doubt you will get into the restaurant tonight. You could eat in the bar and watch the action which is great fun. The food is the best.

      1. We had an absolutely fabulous meal at Cyrus in January that rivals the experience at FL. The champagne and cheese services are spectacular (as I hear the caviar service is as well). Each course was creative and the service warm. I even liked the hokey "calling the chef" bit when we arrived! We had the tasting menu, with the caveat for me that I had to haev the caramel corn soup for dessert -- wow! I would go back to Cyrus in a heartbeat (although I'm having lunch at Ame on Monday).

        1. Ame
          Hands down.
          Although Myth has the sexier room, but if you call ahead to Ame and ask them for a bespoke dinner, you will receive an amazing meal.
          Pair it with wines and Myth gets left in the dust.

          Myth in Decemeber was excellent.
          Ame last month was incredible.

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          1. re: 26th

            What is a bespoke dinner?

              1. re: nooodles

                Bespoke was their description of a customized tasting menu.

                I wanted a meal where you never see a menu and are served dishes that are generally not available to others- whether due to limited availabilty of ingrediants or incredibly laborious construction.

                All they needed to know was size and limitations (no red meat, etc).

                Very memorable meal.

                1. re: 26th St

                  Do you know if they would do a vegetarian tasting menu?

              2. re: 26th

                If not Cyrus, then...


              3. If your parents are anything like mine, I think Cyrus would be the best fit. The room is elegant, service attentive, and food is fantastic. It is a truly fine experience. Ame is serene, the food is more minimalist, this would be my second choice. Myth is fun and has a great vibe, very bustly and noisy. The food is not unlike many good SF restaurants.