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Mushroom mmm mmms

Does anyone know where you could buy Morels in SW Ontario? Also, what are some people's favourite types of mushrooms and mushroom dishes?

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  1. I can't get enough of just a pile of various fresh wild mushrooms sauteed in butter with garlic, so easy and such flavours...yum!

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      So true! I often pile the mushrooms on a lightly buttered, toasted slice of a fresh baguette. MMM.

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        i third that!!!! sounds heavenly......mmmmmm

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        You can sometimes get them at the North St. Lawrence Market on Saturday mornings. The mushroom stall in on the 2nd row from the east wall, closer to the north end. Be prepared to arrange for a second mortgage.

      3. I thought Morels were only a spring mushroom. I could be wrong.


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          I've looked all summer around the K-W area for someone selling morels but had no success. Just wondering for next year where I should be looking.

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            I found this article that says definitively May.

            There must be other great mushrooms around in the fall though. I saw lots at the cottage last weekend but am not knowledgeable enough to eat them.

        2. I have found a good selection (5-6 variety's or so) in the main market, at the downstairs produce shop located between the juice place and Chinese take out joint...not cheap but a great treat!

          1. Just a quick note that answers on this board should be focused on where to find mushrooms in Ontario. If you've got some great ideas for mushroom dishes or want to discuss mushrooms in general, please start a new thread on the General Topics board: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/27 or the Home Cooking board (if you want to get into recipes): http://www.chowhound.com/boards/31

            1. Also, would anyone know of a location around SW Ontario where you could pick your own Morels? I know they are particularly difficult to find, and I'm not sure if anyone would be really to relinquish their secret if they knew, but it would be sincerely appreciated.

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                you might find this helpful.

                i know that there is a guy who does mushroom hunting in ontario and sells the product. his organization is often associated with the events that ruth khlasen of monforte dairy also attends but i couldn't hammer down a name. he does tours i believe to assist you with locales and what to pick... he would for sure have the info that you would want.

                if you perchance happen to drop into subury... http://www.sudburyaviation.on.ca/mush...

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                  this group was mentioned in the thread that Mila provided above. If you don't mind going with a group, the Mycological Society of Toronto organizes forays in the spring and fall.

                2. There is a mushroom vendor at the Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

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                    Is that the foraging company - Forbes? I did see some extremely large wild ones at the cookstown table.

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                      forbes! totally the guys i was thinking of... but i can't seem to find any info about guided hunts. perhaps that might be another group...

                  2. My morels, when they bless me with a visit, only show up in the spring -- around May depending on moisture and temperature. My friend remembers getting different looking morels in the fall at her family farm north of Orillia. My uncle went to his grave, literally, never telling us where his secret location was. He used to get hundreds. I know this doesn't help, but they are seasonal. I found huge bags of dried morels in Chinatown for not too much money. I also know a woman who grows shitaki shrooms at home from a kit. Go figure and good luck

                    1. This past weekend I visited Leamington and made my usual stop at Highliner Mushrooms which I think is Canada's largest mushroom producer. Check out their offerings here.


                      There is a small retail case in the office. I normally pick up 5 lb. boxes of button mushrooms there for ourselves and friends because buttons are hard to find in fresh enough, or large enough, quantities for pickling. They run just over $10 a box.

                      This past weekend I deviated. I bought ourselves a 5 lb. box of "Mini Bellas" and they are very fine. These are miniature portabellas and I don't know if they are immature or bred (How do you 'breed' a mushroom?)

                      Ours were the size and shape of good, normal, white mushrooms and were toffee coloured with small white eruptions - very attractive.

                      We've had one feed of paprikas mushrooms and I fried some up with bacon. Very good. The remainder are for soup.

                      Has anyone else tried these?

                      By any road, I strongly recommend their location just off old Hwy 77, west on County Road 5 in Leamington. The sales cooler also had smaller portions of all their produce. I don't know if their other locations sell direct.

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                        That's a very informative website, lots of interesting recipes. Thanks.

                        Highline Mushrooms
                        506 Mersea Road 5, Leamington, ON N8H, CA

                      2. You almost certainly won't find morels at this time of year unless they're growing them somewhere commercially. I know there has been some attempt to domesticate morels but I don't think it's been particularly successful. Seasonal right now are porcini (boletus edulis). I've been picking them for about a week or so and they're DIVINE. We've eaten our fill and I've been drying the leftovers. Fabulous. Sorry to gloat, but I just can't help myself.

                        As for finding morels - in the spring - I guarantee that no self-respecting mushroom hound will divulge their secret spot. What dinin and dishin said is correct - people take this kind of information to their grave. I have a little spot myself but I've not told anyone except my husband and kids. There are never millions of them or anything, but enough for a couple of meals.

                        Having said that - look for an old apple orchard or a dead elm tree. The morels may or may not grow around those spots. And you should be hunting when the oak leaves are the size of a mouse's ear. That's all I'm going to say.