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Oct 17, 2007 11:27 AM

Scaramouche: Quick Review

What a sublime experience I had yesterday evening at Scaramouche with my SO.

To start: duck three ways (the terrine was divine), and calamari in a rich, savoury broth (al dente and so fresh).

Mains: three gorgeous seared scallops on a bed of short-rib risotto (quite possibly the most perfect dish I've experienced) and venison, medium-rare, wrapped in double smoked bacon and accompanied by intensely flavourful and pillowy gnocchi. The meat was perfectly done - soft, tasty but not too gamey.

Dessert: coconut cream pie - a cloud of pastry perfection; and marscarpone tart with honey soaked figs - described (aptly) by our server as 'late summer on the Italian Riviera'.

And to top it off: flawless, professional service from door to table to taxi. I couldn't ask for more.

Best experience in Toronto ever (Susur being second.)

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  1. Has anyone been to the Pasta Bar and Grill? If so - any recommendations?

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    1. re: Yum2MyTum

      I've heard there grilled calamari is the best in the city although I haven't tried it myself.
      Been to the dining room many's my favorite.

      1. re: millygirl

        Thanks, Millygirl. I was planning on getting the calamari...

      2. re: Yum2MyTum

        I've been there a few times now. The calamari is indeed great, but my favourite dish off that menu is the berkshire pork loin. So. Good. I actually find that the pasta dishes are the weakest. I like sitting at the bar, myself, you get some tasty bread sticks and dip type items to start.

        1. re: Minnow

          Was at the Pasta Bar a few weeks ago..had the Liver which was incredible...done exactly as I had asked (pink in the middle) and my husband had Quail and thought it wonderful as well. Strangely enough haven't had 'pasta' in years...Still a place for a good meal even after these many years. The Restaurant remains my all time favourite..a special place that we use for special celebrations..

      3. Dear Yum,
        That review has sent me have just described what sounds like MY perfect meal!! (each item)...hmmm, I have a birthday dinner coming up...

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        1. re: redhead

          :) It was indeed MY perfect meal. Definitely recommend it for a birthday. It's expensive but man, I've never had food that good in Toronto.

          1. re: Yum2MyTum

            Just curious Yum...; have you been to Mistura? That is my second favorite place in TO. Whenever we wanna go all out, it's either Mistura or Scaramouche!!

            1. re: millygirl

              Hmm - no I haven't been to Mistura, millygirl.

              As a side note, I went to the pasta bar and grill section of Scaramouche last night. The appetizers were deadly good - we tried the calamari (what a dream dish - so simple, so satisfying!), the lovely daily soup (a cream of celery root, with a bit of bacon and chorizo, and finished with an earthy white truffle oil) and the seafood curry crepe (what a great and unexpected flavour combination!). I would go so far as to say the appetizers were on par with what I had at the 'restaurant' section at Scaramouche.
              The mains, however, were not on par - although they were delicious. Particularly good: a beautifully seared arctic char on black forbidden rice, and a luscious risotto, speckled with tiny, al dente cubes of butternut squash.

              If Mistura is anything like Scaramouche, I'd be happy to go! Thanks for the heads up.

              1. re: Yum2MyTum

                Yes I think you should check out Mistura. It's definitely up there with Scaramouche. Both quality and service wise, similar in atmosphere also. Although Mistura is probably a touch more lively. We've been meaning to try the Pasta Bar but when we go we always choose the restaurant instead. I think next time I will make a point of trying the pasta bar....the place is always hopping!

                1. re: millygirl

                  mistura, while good, is no where near scaramouche. I was at scaramouche on Monday with a couple of restaurant buddies and had a 12 course tasting menu (pre-arranged with the restaurant). For my money (biased, as I work in the industry at a very high end place) , Keith Froggett (sp?) and the brigade at scaramoche is definatively at the top of their game.


                  1. re: Matt416

                    Okay I'm sold... too bad only McDonald's is open right now.

                  2. re: millygirl

                    Totally agree with Matt416. Scaramouche is definitely at least a notch better than Mistura.

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      You guys are tough man!!! Okay, I definitely agree Scaramouche is THE BEST hands down, but a close second IMO would have to be Mistura. The food is quite different, much more rustic but the tastes are wonderful. It's just not as refined as Scaramouche. Hey they are my top 2 restos in Toronto, leave me alone :)

                      1. re: millygirl

                        :) Thanks everyone for your opinions! (I'm still interested in going to Mistura, Millygirl - hey, to each her own!)