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Oct 17, 2007 11:25 AM

Pio Pio--Amsterdam Ave

Heading there for dinner tonight. Any recent experiences?

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  1. I've been to the one on the UES.
    Chicken is fantastic...The hot dog and french fry dish, although sounds appetizing, it's's a bit greeeeezy and mushy.
    The sangria isnt half bad either....
    Oh, if its as small as the one on the UES, be prepared for a wait.

    1. It's not as small as the one on the UES. But it still gets a crowd. The chicken and all the stuff it comes with -- avocado salad, rice and beans. And those yucca fries. I like their sangria too.

      1. Menu is small, so it shouldn't be hard!

        1. Just a follow up: We (2 people) ordered the chicken, yellow rice and avocado salad and 1 glass of sangria. Bill $26 w/tax. Chicken was mosit and flavorful. Oddly the rice wasn't a big side at all. The salad was OK. The sangria for $5 was decent. I shall return. A great cheap eat place.

          1. I was just there with some friends this past weekend and we all loved the flavorful and moist chicken, especially with the spicy cilantro sauce. We also had ceviche, with was fine, and an seafood rice dish, but I abstained coz I was already bursting with chicken.