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Oct 17, 2007 11:15 AM

Couldn't be more excited about Casa Del Mar

I can't believe it's almost Halloween. It feels like just last week that I was scouring this board for Los Angeles wedding locations!

Anyhow, my fiance and I finally went to our food tasting this weekend, and were blown away by the quality. Having just attended two weddings in September, we were happy to find that the food at CDM is leaps and bounds above typical wedding fare. Even taking into account that they'll be cooking for 100+ instead of just us on the day of, it should be excellent.

I just wanted to post back and thank everyone who made suggestions to me early on, and to share some fun food photos:

And for any 'hound who's currently looking for locations, I absolutely do not regret re-working my budget so I could afford CDM. And even though their listed prices are pretty steep, talk to them! The staff is willing to accomodate most couples, within reason. Ask for a Sunday like I did, or consider an afternoon wedding off-season. It's totally worth it if, like me, it's a priority for your guests to leave well fed while not sacrificing elegant ambiance.

Alternatively, if any 'hounds have attended of held weddings at CDM, I'd love to hear more advice and general thoughts!

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  1. Hi Pei:

    As you know I was married there in December on a Sunday just before Christmas and concur with your thoughts about the food, the staff and the ambience. Your posts about your wedding plans bring me back to my experience and it is such a pleasant memory now that I have had some time to let go of the stress! Planning a wedding is like giving birth-it's painful and messy and one can easily loose control but afterwards, given enough time all one remembers is the joy.

    Do not forget to eat! That is one of my major regrets. We had crab cakes (my fav food) and I did not have any! I think I had champagne (lots-judging by the photos) and one oyster and an ice cream sundae -CDM did a fantastic job on this!

    One more thing-try to get to the beach for some photos, especially during the late afternoon when the light is fantastic.

    BTW, I posted a reply a few weeks ago to your post about your honeymoon. I think it is on the "Not About Food Board"

    1. Thanks for keeping us updated! It's fun fun for those of us who have been watching your wedding planes develop through this board to see what you decide!

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        what's the food/beverage minimum for a sunday?

        1. re: veee

          It's officially $25k. Of course, I have 2007 pricing because 1.6.2008 is so close to the new year.