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Oct 17, 2007 11:09 AM

Seafood spilled on the table?

Can you recommend a restaurant where shellfish and fish are spilled on the table to be eaten with the hands? Thanks!

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  1. I know the Crab Pot (Bellevue location) does this. But I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

    1. That would be the Crab Pot, with locations in Bellevue and Seattle.

      Tourists seem to love it. My out-of-town seafood-connoisseur family seem to love it (or love at least the novelty of eating off the table). I've never tried it myself, but have heard the food quality can be very questionable.

      1. I've gone to the Crab Pot a couple times (Seattle Pier 57) as a thing to do for out of town friends.

        The food is okay, but seems kind of pricey ($25+/person) for boiled seafood that at times seems overcooked especially if you have fish in boil. The shell fish seems to handle the boiling a lot better.

        If you're liking the novelty of taking a mallet to the crab, don't mind the price and understand the boiled seafood won't rock your world, I'd recommend trying it once.

        1. The other Posters are correct: A highly overrated activity.

          1. My experience at the Crab Pot (granted, a couple of years ago, but I doubt much has changed) was overpriced, mediocre seafood mixed with undercooked potatoes, overcooked corn, poor quality sausage and way too much seafood seasoning. It is novel, and it is nearly always busy, but I think you'd do better both in terms of price and in quality if you a) do it at home if the spill-on-the-table part is important or b) sacrifice the spill-on-the-table and get much better food at a wide variety of other places that have been discussed here.

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              Thanks, all of you, for your responses. Having eaten there ourselves, I find myself in complete agreement with you about the mediocrity of the place. I had hoped that there might be someplace else that offered such a dining experience with better quality, but I guess we'll send them there. So sad to do so when there are so many wonderful places to eat seafood here.