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Oct 17, 2007 11:03 AM

Reasonable, Good Sushi: Upper West Side

The hardest part of moving from the East Village to the Upper West Side was the loss of so many great and reasonable neighborhood eats. The UWS has its character and share of delicious food, but its just not the same. I've started to scout out places for each cuisine, and have had decent success so far (Thai: Land, Chinese: Hunan Park, Pizza: Dean's/Patsy's, Lunch: Barney Greengrass/H&H, Italian: Celeste), but haven't found a sushi place to order from/eat at. Downtown, I had perennial favorite Oyama with its "special" half-priced sushi (all the time), which I found to be of great quality given the prices. 4 Rolls there would cost me $15! Yama on Irving was pretty good too, but a little more expensive (what isn't compared to Oyama?). I would appreciate any recommendations for everyday sushi in the West 70s/80s/90s between the price range of Yama and Oyama!

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  1. Yuki (yeah, that name blows) Sushi on Amstersdam and 92nd gets very high marks...Very soon, they will be moving into a beautiful and much larger space at 93rd and Amsterdam...Haru is also a fave.

    1. Hey--cheer up, UWS has some fantastic eats! Have you managed to check out Gari on the UWS? Gari serves really fantastic sushi that's flown fresh daily from Japan. While I hear the UES location is superior (though I am not sure why that would be the case), I'm sure the fish is from the same inventory and would be just as fresh and tasty!

      Feel free to check out pictures from my meal at Gari last weekend at:

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        Hey..Gari is very fine sushi...but TheNewYorker said he was looking for REASONABLY priced sushi, and Gari is certainly NOT that. If you want expensive sushi that blows away Gari, go to the bar at Masa.

      2. Tenzan (74th/Columbus) is solid delivery for the money - not the best, but serviceable.

        Momoya (of Chelsea) just opened on 81st/Amsterdam (a few doors down from Haru) but haven't tried it yet

        1. Yikes, Oyama! I used to eat there all the time, but not anymore. The quality of sushi uptown far exceeds that (though, the prices do, too). The UWS doesn't have cheap, good sushi like in the East Village, but Tenzan makes pretty good sushi relative to its price. You get a lot more fish than rice, which is a total change from the Half Price places.

          1. Yuki Sushi is my fave in the nabe. It can be a little crowded, and, sadly, soft drinks are those tiny 8oz bottles, so if you must drink the fizz, you won't get much. That's about it for the negatives. The service is prompt and the sushi has never disappointed. My wife and I visit at least once a week...