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Oct 17, 2007 11:00 AM

Where can I get olives to cure?

After reading the NYTimes article today about curing olives, I am dying to try it. Does anyone know where I can get olives in Boston?

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  1. I beleive I saw fresh green olives at Russo's the last time I was there, but that was several weeks ago.

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      There is a great spot on Hancock Street in Quincy with many varieties of cured olives.
      I have resisted for all the obvious reasons, but might have to explore further.

      Sorry this response was posted in the wrong spot.

    2. I had them shipped from California to Michigan last year and they were in fine shape.

      1. I am similarly intrigued, but wondered if this was information best used in Spain or other olive producing countries. Has anyone tried this, or are we better off with local providers who supply olives already cured?

        1. Arax in Watertown often has them as do green grocers in the north end. I tried home curing once and even after 2 months in brine they were not particularly tasty. What's your secret davebough?

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            In the NYTimes article they said that homecured olives take 6 months to cure.

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              The other Watertown stores on the same block or two, Massis and Sevan, sometimes have them too.

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                I have also bought them at Arax in Watertown and I tried making them myself. I was way too impatient to let them cure as long as you need to. I see many older women in Arax squeezing lemon juice on them and eating them raw.

            2. I'm pretty certain that the Fresh Pond Whole Foods had them last week. I know I saw them somewhere, and am pretty sure it was there.