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Oct 17, 2007 10:51 AM

Skipjack's Back Bay - had great brunch

I was there Sunday for the jazz brunch. My husband and I have liked it a lot in the past but had not been lately. It's still good, we agreed. I'm not saying it's the greatest food in town but it's very nice for brunch. Good menu, including a number of seafood options and raw bar selections, but also some traditional choices. Also very nice and able service, and the music is fantastic (from the Winiker orchestra -- some of the key guys from Winiker play here every Sunday). This is a nice choice if you have out of town visitors and then plan to walk around Back Bay a little afterwards.

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  1. I agree, especially about the service, music and general ambiance. We had an enjoyable, not great, but perfectly cooked brunch there last March, after attending a service at Trinity Church. A pleasant Back Bay experience. I would recommend it for out of town visitors.

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      When I worked in 500 Boylston we would head down there for lunch occassionally, as you have said, it may not be the greatest restaurant going but we never had a bad meal.