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Oct 17, 2007 10:49 AM

World Financial Center - am I truly screwed?

So I work at the World Financial Center now. The food options are poor at best. About the best things I can find to eat are salads at Cosi (with the accompanying strangely crack-like cardboard bread) and smoothies at Elixir.

Is there any hope???

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  1. I live on the East side by the Seaport and used to work near Exchange/Wall (better than WFC for lunch but not great) and in WTC. I know your pain. At least you can have Financier for breakfast :) Have you done a search of this Board? This lunch downtown question seems to come up fairly often. Maybe kobe will have some suggestions?

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    1. re: financialdistrictresident

      i did a search and didn't find much. financier and the raw bar at pj clarke's. sadly i don't think i can subside on oysters and illy coffee. :( you know it's bad when one of your partners takes the ferry over to hoboken for lunch.

      i used to live over by the seaport too. there were a couple good things over there: zaitzeff's hamburgers, and some southeast asian place on fulton and gold.

      i was kind of hoping someone would enlighten us all with a secret hole in the wall on south end or something ...

      1. re: krunkymunky

        For good takeout Chinese, go to Ho Yip on LIberty St across from the WTC site (corner of Church). There's a steam table, but order from the lines where you can get more authentic dishes. In my opinion, they have some of the best roast pork I've ever had (I usually order it with asparagus, broccoli or string beans).

        1. re: krunkymunky

          So you are basically screwed . . . Funny I was going to suggest Hoboken! Maybe that's why he/she is partner? Maybe the thai salad at Donald Sacks? That was a decent (not really cheap though, if budget is an issue) lunch place. My former manager took me there for lunch on my first day when I worked in 1 WTC.

          Check out, they do order/delivery all over downtown (beware many of their restaurants are chains!). Lilis and Liberty View are okay Chinese.

      2. cant go wrong with a hot wrap at the merril lynch cafeteria.

        1. Hm, for the most part you are screwed...:)
          There's a seafood/italian restaurant at the Seaport that's good...Carmine's.
          There's Lenny's for sandwiches and Carl's for cheesesteaks..There's also a Les Halles (love this place) on John Street (15).

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          1. re: kcijones001

            Those places are all on the East side . . a little far for lunch if you are on the West side in the WFC. Respectfully disagree re: Les Halles, service is inconsistent (please advise if this situation has improved, though I have given them so many chances). Lenny's probably delivers.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              i cant say much about les halles down there even thought I suggested it..The one i go to is on Park and I love it...the food that is.

          2. Alfanoose for Middle Eastern food at 8 Maiden Ln. (not sure if that is too far for you)

            1. Been in the WFC for more than a year. You will find yourself basically screwed, and lunch for you will consist of energy rather than food, much of the time. There are a few good places without crossing Broadway, if you head south. There are two spots I like on Greenwich, Caracello for a fancier sit down lunch, is decent red sauce Italian, and there is a Mexican place south of it who's name I forget. Crossing Broadway gets you some more options, but most of those options are not that great either.

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              1. re: Captain

                There are tons at South Street Seaport, Carmine's, Meade's, Acqua, Buon Amice, Carmine's, Stella Maris, Nelson Blue, a Japanese place I forget the name of, Salud, and tons on Fulton Street.

                1. re: bronwen

                  bronwen, all good suggestions. The Seaport is quite a hike for lunch if you are in the WFC (far West). I did the trek East a few times when I worked on Exchange/Broadway and it was tough in an hour without feeling rushed. If you are in a building with security that adds more time. Maybe DELIVERY is the way to go.

                  1. re: bronwen

                    That japanese place you're thinking of is probably Suteshi.

                  2. re: Captain

                    The Mexican south of it (just south of Rector) is Tajin -- really good, really cheap, but expect a wait. They had an equally good and somewhat nicer branch on Greenwich just south of the WTC site, but they closed, much to my chagrin.