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Oct 17, 2007 10:47 AM

Samovar Tea Lounge (Yerba Buena) has changed their menu

I am sad to report that Samovar has changed their menu and raised prices. We tried to go to the Yerba Buena location for tea and food yesterday and saw the alterations. The tea menu looks much the same, but the food menu is different. The British tea set now consists of three sandwiches and tea whereas before it had tea, a scone, crumpet, and fruit tart. It is now $16 rather than $14. The Indian tea set no longer includes pudding. The current Russian tea is comprised of collards stuffed with ricotta, marinated beets, rye crackers, horse radish and smoked fish - a far cry from their former smoked trout blinni, Russian tea egg, bread pudding and chocolate truffle. They got rid of their great tea-smoked chicken sandwich and tasty burger. I do like one of their new dishs - the egg bowl, poached eggs with rice and salmon, duck or tofu.

It's still a nice place, but I'm much less inclined to go because the value to cost ratio has diminished in my opinion. You can still see the old menu up here.

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  1. Wow, how devastating. I have been heralding this place for some time based on their lunch combinations but haven't been in almost a month. I'll head over next week to see for myself (not that I don't trust you - I'm just curious what else has changed). That Indian tea set was a favorite of mine...

    1. Thanks for the update, especially about the Russian tea. I was planning on trying that. Too bad because I have read a lot of positive comments on the old Russian Tea from people who are Russian.

      Samovar Tea Lounge
      498 Sanchez St, San Francisco, CA 94114

      Samovar Tea Lounge
      730 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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      1. re: rworange

        I was planning on trying the Russian Tea too! (I just got the go ahead to resume eating dairy and it was at the top of my list).

        Does anyone know if the Sanchez Street location also changed their menu? I'm assuming so, but I'd love to know if they didn't.

        Edited to add that the Sanchez location is still serving the Russian Tea for the rest of this week. Maybe you can make it over, rworange?

        1. re: YSZ

          Thanks for the info. Hmmm ... I have a sputnik burger at Russian Rennaisance planned for this week. Maybe I'll do the Russian tea instead ... but still ... I've been craving that sputnik burger since I saw it on the menu ... I mean ... burger and saurkraut ...