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Oct 17, 2007 10:36 AM

Rare Night Out

I am thinking about Boka, Sola, Sepia or onesixtyblue for a rare night out on saturday. I'm not looking to break the bank ($20-$25 an entree), just a solid meal, service and wine. Any thoughts?

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  1. Any other suggestions besides those 4 places, please chime in... I know onesixtyblue is more expensive, but I am curious about the place.

    1. I've eaten at Boka and Sola, but not the other two. I prefer Boka. I had lovely meals at both places, but everything I had at Boka was wonderful, whereas Sola had hits and misses. The my experience was that the service at Sola was a little more relaxed (and less professional) at Sola. I enjoyed the more relaxed service, but that may not be what you are looking for. Also, I've only eaten outside at each place, but people say that Sola is very loud inside.

      1. I tried to make a reservation at Sepia last week and the women said they were pretty much booked friday and Saturday until about thankgiving, so that option might be out for you. Let me know if you hear otherwise though.
        I have had great meals at both Boka and Sola; i would recommend Sola if it was nice enough to sit outside as it does get loud inside; therefore if i were you i would lean towards Boka and save Sola for a nice spring or summer night.

        1. I think One Sixtyblue is the best of the bunch, although I have not yet dined at Sepia. I was not so enthused with a recent meal at Boka, except that I loved my dessert. I have been to Sola many times and I think it's good, nothing special. In short, I'd choose One Sixtyblue and I don't think that it's going to be that much more expensive than any of the others.

          1. I have not been to Sepia, but of the other three would definitely rate 160blue and Boka over Sola. However, they are both a little over your price range - more like $30-35 entrees. But both were very good on all fronts if the price isn't and issue.

            Another one of my favorites is May Street Market which is closer to your target - most in the $20-30 range. Excellent appetizers (esp. the Blue Cheese Cheesecake), soups, entrees and desserts. Plus, the wine markup is not quite as high as you find elsewhere.

            At any rate, all are very busy, so make a reservation soon.