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Oct 17, 2007 10:33 AM

Somerset trip and Move

Hi everyone!

My Sister, Mother and Aunt are heading to Somerset / New Brunswick this weekend to look at apartments for my sister's upcoming move to the area. We are originally from Rochester and my sister has been living in Florida for the last two years and can't wait to leave. (No offense to any Florida fans but I think she is looking forward to seeing the seasons change again.)

Anyway I am the family hound, and was hoping to get a few lunch and dinner recs for them while they are in the area. They will have a car but I don't think they will be into driving too far as they will more then likely be driving all over the place during the day. Also we are italian so generally don't order pasta etc out as red sauce is never "right".

I have looked at some of the other posts and it seems Sophie's Bistro, The Frog and the Peach and Pete and Elda's all come recommended. Price isn't too much of a concern but I think some cheaper eats during the day would be welcomed.

Also if anyone has a neighborhood opion on where she should be looking to live I am sure it would be appreciated.


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  1. NB's not my neck of the woods so I can't offer recs. Pete & Elda's is at the shore, quite a distance from where your family will be. The P&E pizza has devoted fans (I'm one) but most of the rest of the menu is the Italian food your family doesn't want....

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      Thanks for the clarification. The pizza sounded really yummy ( i live in Raleigh where good pizza is consistantly hard to come by) but I didn't realize it would be a drive. Maybe we will check it out on another visit once she is settled in.

    2. The Frog/Peach is a safe bet. They'll have enough to do without ending up at a bad place to eat.

      1. Definitely go to Sophie Bistro. The owner and the servers are very nice to the patrons. Please take a look at the thread discussing Soho on George The Frog and Peach is also discussed. There are many posts discussing the decline of that restaurant.It is also much more expensive than Sophies.I would also consider going to Restaurant one 53, which is in Rocky Hill.

        1. hi..i work in somerset and here are a few of my suggestions..there is a great indian restaurant on easton avenue between landing lane and demott called pooja..they have a terrific buffet for lunch that is reasonable and all of my indian co workers like it there..there is also a very good thai place between those two streets but on the other side of easton, not sure of the name, its in the same shopping center as new brunswick, old man raffertys is a fun place for lunch or dinner...i work in a local private school in that area and i have a good real estate broker if you need some suggestions...good luck!

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            The Thai Place is called Chao Phaya, and it's excellent.


          2. there's a great greek place in highland park, nj. i can't think of the name at the moment,butif you google it you should find it, i think they have few other good restaurants that i can't think of at the moment. it's been awhile since i've been there. restaurant rec's in New Brunswick are Od Man Rafferty's & Piquant. & definitely Thomas Sweets for ice cream.

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              cmarie - I believe your thinking of:
              Pithari Taverna
              28 Woodbridge Avenue
              Highland Park, NJ
              (732) 572 - 0721