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Oct 17, 2007 10:31 AM

Best Pizza in Lakeland?

Please tell me your recommendations for the best pizza in Lakeland.



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  1. Come one people, doesn't someone have a recommendation for pizza in Lakeland?


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      I've lived here my whole life and can't really think of any place to recommend. Palace Pizza is okay downtown and CDB on Memorial has been there forever. Beyond that, the Lakeland Ledger did an article about a year ago on Polk County's best pizza places. Here's the link


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        Thanks much. I appreciate your help.


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          you got to love palace pizza,i am sorry people but i just think that there is nothing like Palace pizza..they got it all!!...many people are just to jelous to admit that this italian family did it all and took over what lakeland had to offer wich is nothing when we talk about pizza hut,dominos or wet shore where is dirty and neasty!

    2. I don't know about Lakeland, but Auberdale is not too far away and the Pizza Connection has the best pizza in the area if you like a thin crust.

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        Pizza Connection is excellent, thin crust pizza. Also, Pizza Central in Winter Haven is good thin crust pizza as well, though not as crunchy as pizza connection.

      2. We have a Westhore Pizza close to us, and I think it is absolutely delicious, although I guess it is a chain? I tried Palace Pizza, which many around town love, but found it too greasy and limp for my taste

        1. Palace Pizza used to be our favorite - I'm originally from NY/NJ and felt like I was home the first time I tried it -- but we think it's gotten spotty. The crust would be nice and crisp one time then soggy/floppy the next - we haven't eaten there in about a year. Valdiano's in Lakeside Village is where we end up going these days. I'm pretty sure it's a chain but the pizza is tasty w/a thin, crispy crust, and service is friendly and fast. My preference is plain (cheese), my daughter likes pepperoni, and we both need to blot before eating. The same was true for Palace Pizza, btw. A lot of people say Westshore is good - I don't care for it, but my husband likes it.