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Dining downtown? please help

So tonight my girlfriend and I are going to a concert at the Orpheum Threatre downtown, what are the dining options? my girlfriend said shes in the mood for a "chain-like" restaurant where she could get appetizers and a salad, any recs?

p.s. we are coming from the valley, so anywhere in between is cool. thanks

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  1. Best chain-like restaurant in downtown is Roy's ... and the apps there are fantastic.

    1. Roy's is downtown, "chain-like" and has good apps and salad.

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          As between Roy's and the Palm, Roy's definitely has better bang-per-buck, though neither is cheap. There's also Daily Grill, and McCormick/Schmick's, downtown if GF wants a REAL chain experience...

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                Roy's is good because it's nothing like a chain restaurant even though it is one.

                When you say she's in the mood for a "chain-like" place, what kind of chain is she talking about? Morton's? CPK? Daily Grill?

        2. eat at the bar at arnie mortons...7th & Fig.

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            yeah shes in the moond for like a mimi's,cpk,red robin,islands type of deal.

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              Then I'd go to the Daily Grill probably. As far as Daily Grill's go, it's a pretty nice location. There's also Liberty Grill, which isn't a chain but might as well be. It's tough to recommend places because part of what makes a chain a chain is that it's sort of bland and generic.

              When she's feeling more adventurous, check on Roy's.

              By the way, the Orpheum theatre is a gem. You'll love it. Grab a drink next door at the Broadway Bar.

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                And if the OP ends up at the Daily Grill they are offering their lobster pot pie now as well as a special on local spiny lobsters split and grilled with a side of lobster risotto and fixed another way that I am blanking on at the moment.

          2. if she's in the mood for cpk, red robin, islands kinda deal, just take her to one of those.
            roy's does have a delicious butterfish that i highly recommend though.

            1. Roys or the Palm

              Nic and stefs, patina, cafe pinot are not chains, but they are very tasty safe cuisine

              For cheaper (and frankly not tasty) chain food, I would say Daily Grill

              1. If she's looking for pretty basic salad/appatizer fair, there is also CPK at the Wells Fargo Center.

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                  and another CPK next to the above-mentioned arnie mortons at 7th & Fig.

                  a little closer to the Orpheum is Wolfgang Puck's Gourmet Express at the corner of 6th & Hope.