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Oct 17, 2007 10:19 AM

Dinner for 15 with a Private Room

Needs to be in CC. This is a company function so they are requesting a private room. I have looked at some suggestions, but I have not come up with too much. I am not so much concerned with the style of food (just as long as it is good) but the crowd tends to be a little more upscale. The last function was at the Saloon (which was nice) but they want to try something new.

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  1. We have always liked Davio's for small gatherings....

    1. Brasserie Perrier, Susanna Foo, Capital Grill, Moshulu, La Famiglia, and Rae are a few options in center city- all have private dining rooms.

      1. XIX has a beautiful private dining room, and The Four Seasons has private dining rooms.

        1. We used Brasserie Perrier's smaller private room for a birthday dinner and it was very nice. The food is always terrific also

          1. The mezzanine garden room at Le Bec-Fin also works very well for private dining. I also attended a business dinner at Le Bar Lyonnais where the entire bar was rented out so that's an option as well. I believe all of the steakhouses in Center City also have private dining rooms. Morimoto also has a very nice private dining room that should be able to accomodate 15 people.