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Oct 17, 2007 10:07 AM

Brisket Rub Recipe

I need a good rub recipe for my brisket!

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  1. If you've never done a brisket (and I'm assuming you're going to cook it low and slow over a real wood fire), I recommend you start with the most basic of all, the Dalmatian rub. Equal proportions of ground black pepper and kosher salt. After you've gotten the hang of it, you can start adding whatever flavors you like, but at least you'll know how the smoke works its magic without a lot of other flavors to confuse the issue.

    1. This is my go to brisket recipe. It is done in the oven and comes out perfectly. The rub would also work great on a grill. It is from Paula Deen:

      Texas Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket Recipe
      2 tablespoons chili powder
      2 tablespoons salt
      1 tablespoon garlic powder
      1 tablespoon onion powder
      1 tablespoon ground black pepper
      1 tablespoon sugar
      2 teaspoons dry mustard
      1 bay leaf, crushed
      4 pounds beef brisket, trimmed
      1 1/2 cups beef stock

      Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
      Make a dry rub by combining chili powder, salt, garlic and onion powders, black pepper, sugar, dry mustard, and bay leaf. Season the raw brisket on both sides with the rub. Place in a roasting pan and roast, uncovered, for 1 hour.

      Add beef stock and enough water to yield about 1/2 inch of liquid in the roasting pan. Lower oven to 300 degrees F, cover pan tightly and continue cooking for 3 hours, or until fork-tender.

      Trim the fat and slice meat thinly across the grain. Top with juice from the pan.

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        Thank you for the suggestions, I actually have done the Paula Deen recipe and Love it, just was wondering if there was any other rub recipes out there. I don't currently have a smoker, so I have been doing the brisket in the oven. Would like to advance to the grill (again only have propane) but would hate to mess up a brisket.

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          You can actually make a pretty darn good brisket in a gas grill. Use a simple rub, e.g. just salt and pepper or one of the standard barbecue rubs - actually I often use Cajun seasoning, and let the rubbed meat sit for a while. Preheat your grill, then turn off all the burners except one, and turn that one down as low as it will go. Soak some wood chunks, available lots of places that sell barbecue supplies, and lay them above the low fire at the same time you put the meat on. The heat should be enough to cause the wood to smoke and give the meat some smoke flavor; not as much as a 'real' smoker, but it's not bad. As the wood dries out you may want to stand by with a sprayer in case it catches fire; you want it to smolder, creating smoke, not flame. Anyway, just cook the brisket at the lowest temp. you can for about 8 hours, and it'll melt in your mouth.

            1. re: travelchow

              My favorite is hickory; any fruit wood works well, too. I usually use pieces of wood I prune off my plum or pecan trees, actually, but I think hickory is widely available.

      2. I have friend that does the best and easiest Brisket recipe I've ever tried that always comes out amazing!! She's become famous for it.

        Start the day before serving

        Rub with 2 packages of onion soup mix.
        Cover both sides with Cranberry Sauce (your choice of style)

        Seal in heavy aluminum foil packet (fat side up) leaving room for steam to expand.
        Cook at 350 for 3 1/2 hours
        Remove from oven, cool and refrigerate overnight.

        Day two (serving day) Preheat oven to 325

        Bring meat to room temperature by removing from fridge for 1 hour prior to
        Thinly slice brisket on a diagonal and return to large, heavy duty tin foil package and bake for 1 hour at 325.

        Yummy and moist.You cannot over cook this thing....the longer you go, the more tender it is!

        I think I will make some this weekend! Thanks

        1. Here is a link to another topic about this. Since you don't have a smoker, I have a marinade that makes people think you DO have one. It is in the link.